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Ratio Tester Usage Precautions

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:128

The variable ratio tester is a commonly used test instrument, which has the advantages of stable performance, flexible use, high reliability and easy maintenance.

Ratio tester performance characteristics:

1. Power supply by lithium battery or 220V AC auto power supply - adaptation, after charging, more than 100 transformer ratio group test can be carried out continuously, the test process is simple and convenient.

2. It has the function of blind test, that is to carry out the transformation ratio and the group test when the connection mode high and low voltage is unknown.

3. On the basis of conventional transformers, Z-type transformers and PT test products, the CT ratio polarity test function is added, and the application scope is wider.

4. Wide measuring rangeand high precision, the variable ratio measurement range is up to 10000, and the test accuracy is guaranteed to be 0.3% when the highest v value is 10000.

5. It has perfect protection functions such as reverse connection protection and output short circuit protection.

6. 5.6 inch industrial-grade ultra-wide high-brightness color LCD screen, the display is still clearly visible under strong sunlight.

7. Equipped with thermal printer for easy data printing.

8. It has local storage and USB storage, which is convenient for data storage.

Precautions for using the ratio tester:

1. For a transformer with multiple tap positions, enter the high and low voltage values rated voltages, gear spacing and rated position must allowto the test results to automatically calculate the error value and tap-changer tap position.

2. For a transformer with 19 on-load tap-changer levels, if taps 9, 10 and 11 have the same value, the instrument should enter 9 when entering the tap-changer. the nominal tap position, and at this time 12 After the tap position turned on, the instrument displays the tap position lower than the actual position by 2.

3. The position setting The instrument\'s socket is designed according to the high voltage side voltage regulation. Assume that tap 1 is the highest tension gear. transformer side, the displayed tap position and the actual tap position are reversed.

4. The turns ratio on the three-phase transformer nameplate refers to the ratio of the line voltage of the different voltage windings;

Therefore, transformersWith different wiring methods, the turns ratio has the following relationship with the turns ratio:

The voltage ratio of a three-phase transformer with the same primary and secondary side connections is equal to the turns ratio;

  When the primary side and the secondary side are connected differently, the turns ratio of the Y--d connection is equal to the transformation ratio divided by √3, and the turn ratio of the D--y bond is equal to the transformation ratio multiplied by √3.