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Vortex flow meter measurement

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:122

The density compensation of the vortex flow meter when measuring steam must be scientific and accurate:

In order to correctly measure the mass flow of steam, the change in pressure and steam temperature must be considered, and the flow totalizer steam density compensation.

The platinum resistor for steam temperature measurement should be installed in a standardized way:

The platinum resistor for steam temperature measurement the temperature is inserted in the center of the pipeline, and the platinum resistor is installed in the flowmeter Insulation measurements are taken at 5 times the diameter of the downstream pipeline and at the position of the pipeline where the platinum thermal resistance is installed to ensure the accuracy of the measured temperature value.

In measuring vapor pressure, it should be noted that if the pressure induction pipe is used to induire the pressure, a zero point migration must be performed (because the gravity of the condensed water in the pressure induction pipe will cause the pressure transmitter to measure There is a certain difference between the received pressure and the actual pressure , which causes the density compensation error), and the steam flow meter can also be corrected in the flow totalizer.

The pressure transmitter is installed 4 times the diameter of the pipe downstream of the steam flow meter. The valve and seal in front of the pressure transmitter must be intact and unblocked to ensure accurate measurement of vapor pressure.

If the set pressure and temperature are used for compensation, the set value should try to be close to the actual value, otherwise the error will be large and it will not is generally not recommended.

In the flow totalizer, it is very important to set the flow state correctly.e operation of the steam flowmeter, which is very important for the correct calculation of the cost of steam.

For occasions when it is not easy to judge the steam state clearly, it is recommended to use an intelligent flow totalizer, which cooperates with transmitters of platinum resistance and pressure for temperature and pressure compensation, so that the measured mass flow of steam is the most accurate.

When the vortex flowmeter measures steam, the correct installation of the upstream and downstream straight sections:

For the traditional vortex flowmeter, the parts front and rear installations are straight Pipe section requirements are 20 times the pipe diameter and 5 times the pipe diameter (this is the technical requirement that there are no obstacles such as valves in front of the flowmeter; if there are obstructions, a straight section of pipe must be added, see mamanufacturer\'s manual for details).

If the upstream and downstream straight sections of the pipe are not enough, the steam flow in the pipe will not be fully developed and the flow velocity distribution profile will be distorted.

The user can adjust the flow velocity of the urban distribution pipeline by installing a flow regulator before the steam flow meter or by adding a section of straight pipe, so that the fluid at the steam flowmeter is fully developed.

For certain large gauge steam flowmeters, it is more important to respect the installation requirements of the upstream and downstream straight piping sections.