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Qinsun xenon lamp aging test machine xenon lamp spot is not bright solution

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:81

Qinsun xenon lamp aging tester adopts xenon arc lamp which can simulate full spectrum. According to different tests, the equipment can be divided into three types: desktop, air-cooled and water-cooled. There are also gaps between the xenon lamps. The air-cooled type adopts domestic lamps, and the water-cooled type adopts imported lamps, which can be supplied by Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Welcome customers who need to inquire. In addition, the R&D technical engineer of qisnun said that if the xenon lamp spot in the xenon lamp aging tester does not light up, how to judge and solve the problem, here are reference suggestions, hoping to be useful to customers.

1. Is the lighting setting correct (users set temperature, humidity, lighting andtime required according to their own test requirements)


2. The instrument parameter setting is incorrect, please adjust the instrument parameter, whether for set the trigger delay of the xenon lamp, whether to press the button marked \"ON\".

3. Check if the lamp cooling water pump is working. If the controller is set correctly, the water pump still does not work after the machine is running. Check that switchboard KM4 is on. If the engagement is OK, check the water pump.

a. If the water pump does not work, you should use the voltage range of the multimeter to measure whether the water pump has power. If there is no power, check to see if the spray switch on the display is on and if the relay that controls the spray on the board is working.

b. If the power came, you need to use the gear ohcircuit of the multimeter to measure whether the resistance of the water pump is normal. If the circuit is open, it means that the water pump is damaged and must be replaced. Tip: Be extremely careful when removing the waterline connectors to avoid damaging the waterline connectors.

4. If there is water flow, but the KM3 xenon lamp power switch does not switch on, the flow switch may be damaged (control relay KA10, after the switch is damaged, KA10 does not act).

5. If the water pump is working normally and the power switch of the KM3 xenon lamp is not pressed, check whether the water in the water tank is circulating and observe s there is water flow in the tube of the lamp. If there is water flow, it is ok.

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