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Xenon lamp aging test machine simulate natural environment experiment

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:117

In daily life, materials are affected by high temperature, light, oxygen, mechanical stress, ozone, humidity and other factors in the natural environment, which will cause reactions physical and chemical inside, which will affect their original functions and performance. , and loses its original value. Now people mainly use the xenon lamp aging tester to simulate the natural environment to understand its changes. Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. can provide it. Welcome customers who need to inquire.

Different materials will produce different changes in different natural environments. Materials that we often come into contact with in our daily lives will also change their appearance after aging, such as: the edge skin changes color, the material as a whole, or a hardening.local damage and softening, physical or chemical changes such as cracks in the material, such as: the thermal conductivity of the material decreases, the level of friction changes and the mechanical properties change, such as: the hardness of the material, the tensile strength, impact strength, etc. age and degrade in the environment and daily use. The speed of material aging and degradation is slow, and the degradation time is long, which will cause great loss in our lives. How to understand the aging phenomenon of materials in advance through experiments, so as to improve our anti-aging ability based on these aging data, has a great impact on our production and life. big impact.

Sunlight has a great destructive effect on the natural aging of the environment, so in order to get the oldsmoothing materials more quickly, accurately and reliably For new energy, instruments capable of simulating sunlight should be used. Instruments must be able to simulate temperature, humidity, light intensity, rain, etc. of nature. Such a device is called a xenon lamp aging tester. The xenon arc aging tester is suitable for materials exposed to sunlight for a long time or exposed to sunlight through glass windows.

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