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Thermal Resistance and Moisture Resistance Range of Textile Thermal Resistance and Moisture Resistance Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:101

Textile heat resistance and moisture resistance tester is currently a professional experimental heat resistance and moisture resistance test instrument. It has a heating plate that simulates the mechanism of human skin. It is not moldy and easy to clean. It is independently developed and produced by our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Test equipment, comprehensive and cost-effective after-sales service. Equipped with automatic water supply system, without any adjustment, it can ensure stable water supply and no leakage. The wind speed stabilization system ensures that the wind speed can be adjusted continuously, uniform and stable, and meets various test standards. Independent integrated design, separate design of test host and environmental experiment box, users can use environmental experiment boxself-purchased standard, which is convenient for maintenance and calibration and reduces user\'s burden. The test sample thickness is automatically sensed, and the appropriate PID heating parameters are calculated through the sample thickness, so the test conditions can be quickly reached.

Main parameters:

1. Thermal resistance range (RCT): 0.002~2.0 m2k/w;

2. Temperature resistance range Humidity (Ret): 5~1000 m2.Pa/W;

3. Test plate temperature range: 20~50℃ adjustable;

4. Thickness of test plate test sample: 5~70mm.

Test principle:

In the standard test environment, heat the fixed plate made of aluminum or copper to keep the aluminum or copper plate Set the temperature and test the heating power. Similarly, test the power of the same situation after covering the test clothon the copper plate or the aluminum plate, depending on the power difference between the two and the size of the test disc area. The thermal resistance or humidity resistance of the test sample can be calibrated (water test).

Complies with standards:

GB/T 11048, ISO 11092, ASTM F1868,ASTM D1518, JIS L1096

As an enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, training and service, it is committed to continuously providing more test instruments to the market, and provides long-term test instruments such as masks, protective clothing, etc. , can also accept non-standard customization, and can do targeted testing according to customer requirements before purchase to ensure that the purchased instruments are suitable.