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QINSUN Interpretation of Ultrasonic Flow Meter Frequently Asked Questions-

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:109

1. When the ultrasonic flowmeter probe is used for a period of time, irregular alarms occur. Especially when there are a lot of impurities in the transport medium, this kind of problem will be more common.

Solution: Clean the probe regularly (it is recommended to clean it once a year).

2. When the transmission medium of the ultrasonic flowmeter contains liquid impurities such as water, the pressure pipe of the flowmeter is prone to liquid accumulation. When the temperature is low, the pressure pipe will be frozen and blocked, especially in common winter.

Solution: Purge the pressure induction pipe or turn on the tracing

3. The ultrasonic flowmeter has very strict requirements on the pipeline, and there should not be of abnormal noise, otherwise the measurement error will be greatly affected Large

During the propagation of ultrasonic waves, due to obstruction orabsorption by the medium and impurities in the medium, its intensity will be attenuated. Whether it is an ultrasonic flow meter or an ultrasonic level indicator, there are certain requirements for the intensity of the received sound wave, so all kinds of attenuation must be removed.

4. The instantaneous flow fluctuates strongly?

The signal strength is high and the measured fluid itself fluctuates strongly.

Solution: Adjust the position of the probe, increase the signal strength, ensure that the signal strength is stable. If the fluid itself fluctuates a lot, the position is not good. Re-select the point to ensure the required operating conditions of the top 10 and bottom 5.

5. Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter signal is weak?

It depends on the technical content of the instrument itself. This has been proven by a large number of on-site test cases, such as a long durationlife of the pipeline, heavy fouling and a large pipe diameter. Ultrasonic flow meter, the signal is very fast, and the signal is very stable.

Solution: For large diameter pipes and heavy fouling, it is recommended to choose a good quality external clamp ultrasonic flow meter. The pipe where the probe is installed should be polished and clean. The air in between makes the ultrasonic waves can be effectively transmitted in the pipeline, ensuring sufficient sound intensity transmission to the sensing surface.

6. There are occasional bubbles in the medium and ultrasonic flow using the jet lag method Does it matter?

When there are air bubbles, it can automatically switch to Doppler mode for measurement, and when the bubbles disappear, it can automatically switch to flight time measurement.

7. The instrument has strong interference on the siteCan\'t use it?

There are frequency converters or high voltage cable field strength electromagnetic interference on the site

Suggestion: keep away from electromagnetic interference d field strength of frequency converter or high voltage cable

8. The current market How can the top and outer clip-on ultrasonic flow meter be small in diameter? What is the temperature?

Now worldwide, only Altolier AFTU-2W series can measure the diameter of 6mm and the temperature can be measured at 550℃, such as the measurement of molten salt and oil of heat transfer, which is other brands Flowmeters can\'t do that.

9. How to choose a suitable ultrasonic flow meter?

Pipe material, pipe wall thickness and pipe diameter; type of fluid, if it contains impurities, air bubbles and if the pipe isst full; fluid temperature, flowmeter type, whether portable or fixed.