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Precautions for maintenance of xenon lamp aging test machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:101

Xenon lamp aging tester is an important means of formula optimization in scientific research and production, and it is also an important part of product quality inspection. Products such as coatings, plastics, aluminum-plastic panels, and automotive glass should be tested for weather resistance. The test equipment independently developed and produced by Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a cost-effective and comprehensive after-sales service. The main factors that lead to the aging of materials are sunlight and humidity. The xenon lamp aging test chamber can simulate the hazards caused by sunlight, rain and dew. Tested in a cyclic program of alternating temperature, light and humidity, it takes a few days or weeks to reproduce the vagaries that occur int outdoors for months or even years. Accelerated artificial aging test data can help select new materials and test existing materials in a cyclical process.

In addition, qisnun engineers briefly explained the precaution for daily maintenance of the aging box as follows, hoping to be helpful to every customer.

Care Precautions:

1. Keep the appearance clean at all times.

2. Nothing may be placed on top of the machine to facilitate heat dissipation from the motor and control components.

3. After a long time of using the equipment, if there is abnormal noise in the motor blower, turntable reducer and other parts, it must be cleaned and refueled in time.

4. If the temperature of the electrical components is too high, vcheck the cause in time.

5. After each use, the test box should be kept clean to prevent corrosion.

6. Clean the control cabinet once a month to prevent excessive dust from affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

7. After the test is completed, turn off the main power, wipe off the water in the varnish chamber, and try to keep the chamber is in a dry environment.

8. If the electrical components of the control panel need to be replaced due to failure, please do not disassemble them to ensure the service life of the test box.

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