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Oscillating wear tester / abrasion resistance tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:27

Scope of application:
ASTM D4157 Oscillatory Abrasion Resistance Tester is used to test the abrasion resistance of fabrics against standard friction media or metal mesh and other curved surfaces, especially suitable for car decoration and abrasion resistance test of textiles for furniture.


Oscillating Abrasion Tester, tests the abrasion resistance of fabrics against standard friction media or metal mesh and other frictional motion on curved surfaces, especially suitable for automobile decoration and furniture fabrics abrasion resistance test. The instrument meets US standards and has 4 rubbing heads and electronic counters to monitor the duty cycle.

Comply with the standard:
ASTM D4157 Standard Test Method for Textile Abrasion Resistance (Vibrating Cylinder Method)

Technical Parameters:
1. Test head : 4rent
2. Speed: 90±1r/min
3. Friction table: curved surface r100mm, length 400mm
4. Friction stroke: 76 ±2mm
5. Friction head: lower rubber pressure head 50×50 mm arc surface r100 mm
6. Sample tension: 4 lbf (17.8N), adjustable
7. Tension adjustment weight: 340g
8. Sample Load: 3 lbf (13.4N), adjustable Adjustment
9. Load adjustment weight: 150 g
10. Sample size: 73×245 mm
11. Number of samples: 12 pieces, 6 pieces in each direction of latitude and longitude
12, 500×500×600 mm
13. Weight: about 80 kg. manufacturers and traders Type of technical laboratory services: including laboratory design, construction, selection of test instruments, application of test technology, technical consultants, after-sales service, etc. The instruments and consumables provided all meet the requirements of commonly used testing standards. Before leaving the factory, the instruments are calibrated by the measuring center to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the test results. Our philosophy is to provide domestic customers with professional solutionssolutions by introducing advanced products, integrating technology and service advantages, and absorbing experience in solving common problems, so as to drive the improvement of domestic scientific research and related industries.

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