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Wyzenbeek abrasion tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:33

Wyzenbeek abrasion tester

Complies with standards:
ASTM D4157, ASTM D3597, FED-STD-191/5304, SAE J948, SAE J1530, GM 2756M, TOYOTA, BS EN ISO 12402-2, etc.

For detecting the abrasion resistance of fabrics against standard friction media or metal mesh and other curved surfaces, especially suitable for cars Abrasion test of decorative and furniture textiles.

Test head: 4-head group
Counter: 4-channel electronic counter
Speed ​​speed: 90r/min (stepless speed control)
Friction table: arc surface: R100 mm, length: 400 mm
Friction stroke: arc surface length 76 mm
Friction head specification: 50×50 mm, arc surface R100 mm
Specimen tension: 17.8N or
Sample load: 13.4N
Product configuration:
Metal mesh
Rubber mat
Standard abrasive (10# cotton canvas or 8# cotton canvas)
One lab accredited calibration report;

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