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Wyzenbeek abrasion tester / Wyzenbeek abrasion testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:124

The main technical parameters are as follows:

OscillatoryWyzenbeek arc wear resistance tester.

Based on standards:
ASTM D4157, BS EN ISO 12402-7, FTMS 191A 5304

Instrument description:
This tester is suitable for fabric/leather testing / imitation The abrasion resistance of leather provides a reference for improving fabrics.

Working principle:
Install the strip-shaped sample cloth on the front and rear fasteners of the friction head and apply a certain tension, and install the friction medium on the arc-shaped friction table, so that the test The sample is in contact with the friction medium and a certain load is applied to the sample. The friction table swings back and forth to rub the sample, and after a certain number of rubs, the change of the breaking strength of the sample is evaluated.

Instrument parameters:
Test head: 4 groups
Speed: 901 rpm
Friction table:arc surface: R80mm, length: 300mm
Friction stroke: arc surface length 762mm
Friction head: lower rubber indenter, 50x50mm, curved surface R80mm
Specimen tension: 4 lbf (17.8N), adjustable
Weight for tension adjustment: 340 g
Sample load: 3 lbf (13.4N), adjustable
Weight adjustment weight: 150g
Specimen size: 73 mm x 245 mm
Number of samples: 12 pcs, 6 pieces in longitudinal direction and weft direction
Vacuum cleaner: 4cfm< br>Dimensions (DxH): 50x70x55cm
Weight (approximately): 60Kg
Power supply: 1 AC 220V 50Hz 3A

Gauze (optional)

#10 cotton cloth (sold separately): weight per unit area 50025 g/m2, plain weave, fabric density 411end/in×281pick/in
Sandpaper (sold separately): 50#, used for grinding rubber friction head
Vacuum cleaner (sold separately)
Tensile strength testing machine (other testing machines purchased separately

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