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Operational Procedures of G272A Fabric Wrinkle Recovery Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-12 Click:29

G272A fabric wrinkle recovery tester is a testing equipment independently developed and produced by our company, qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. It is cost-effective and has comprehensive after-sales service. It can test the recovery ability of the sample after being bent under a certain load for a certain period of time. Applicable to any fabric composed of pure or mixed fibers. Materials that cannot maintain a stable shape in a specific wrinkling state, such as soft, thin and easy-to-fold materials, can use this device to evaluate their anti-wrinkle performance. JIS standard iron springs and clamps are installed, conforming to JIS L 1059-2 (Anti-wrinkle test method of textile products)

Complies with standards:

AATCC 128 , ISO 9867 , ENKA 3061, GB/T 29257, JIS L 1059-2 (Anti-wrinkle test method of textile products)

Te parameterstechnical:

1. Sample size: 15 cm × 28 cm (6 × 11 inches)

2. Weight: 2000 g, cumulative 1000 g type e, top flange + clamp + iron spring / total 500 grams (4.9N)

3. Overall dimensions: 150×150×330 mm (6×6×13 inches) (length×width×height)

4. Weight: 9.5 kg (21lb)


Operation steps:

First: prepare the accessories and test samples;

Fix the prepared test samples on the sample holder;

Perform interface operations on the LCD screen;

Set force value and time parameters;

Click to start;

Move the upper and lower sample racks of the instrument for 180 seconds of spiral rotation;

Maintain the pressure for a certain period of time;

The sample is subjected to a compression test under a certain load;

Thesample holder returns to its original position;


Remove the sample for comparison and observation;

After the instrument test is completed, remove the sample for analysis and comparison to evaluate the fabric wrinkle recovery of the material.