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Operation Steps of G210VB Clothing Evaluation Observation Board

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-12 Click:31

The G210VB clothing evaluation observation board is a testing device independently developed and produced by our company, qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. It is used to evaluate the wrinkling, softness and seam mark retention of clothing and other textile products. after several washes. sex.

Compliance with standards:

AATCC 143/88, B&C 124/128/130

Mode d Use:

American Standard Clothing Evaluation Observation Chart_The clothing observation chart is based on the standard light source and the rating chart. By comparing with the standard chart, the appearance of the sample is evaluated and noted. During evaluation, evaluate the appearance of specimens using standard lighting and viewing areas. Illumination and evaluation are carried out in a dark room using only the light sourcee of the device; any reflected ambient light will interfere with the evaluation results.

Technical features:

1. Equipped with an optional bracket to support three-dimensional samples;

2. Optional light source switching, equipped with 2400mm (8ft) lighting or 1200mm (4ft) cold light source;

3. The equipment includes floor casters for easy movement and is available in 2 standard sizes.

Technical parameters:

1. Rating The boards are available with either 2400mm (8ft) or 1200mm (4ft) cool white lights.

 2. The device is controlled by an electronic switch and adopts a high-frequency power control device.

3. The scoreboard can be mounted on the wall or placed on a mobile cart.

4. Overall dimensions: 1830 mm × 270 mm × 1830 mm (length × width × height)

5. Weight: 62 kg (136 lb)

Standard Size:

1. Specification: 40\"×45.25\"

2. Specification: 52\"×45.25\"

Operation steps:

First: setupThe parts and test samples are ready;

The observation board and spotlight are respectively equipped with power switches;

Equipped with standard cold light source and spotlight The bulbs are all imported parts for ensure they meet standard requirements;

Equipped with magnetic fixings to facilitate installation of specimens;

With light shields and spotlights Used together with the lamp, it can evaluate the appearance of the fabric, detect defects and stains, etc. ;

The evaluation observation table adoptsa wheeled design and can be moved as a whole, without being limited to the usage environment;


Used in conjunction with sunshades and spotlights, the table d The evaluation observation can evaluate wrinkles, softness, seam marks and oil stains. of textiles. It can also be used to compare the appearance of clothing and check for defects on the spot.