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Operation steps of G034 digital thickness tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-12 Click:56

G034 digital thickness tester is a testing equipment independently developed and produced by our company Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. It is used to measure the thickness of various woven fabrics, knits, non-wovens and geotextiles, and can also be used for other uniform thickness determinations of thin materials.

Complies with standards:

GB/T 3820-1997

Technical parameters:

1. Measuring thickness range: 0.1 ~ 10 (mm);

2. Small graduation value: 0.01 (mm);

3. Presser foot area: 100, 2000, 2500, 10000 (mm2);

4. Diameter of presser foot -presser: 11.28, 50.46, 56.42, 112.84 (mm);

5. Pressing time: 10s, 30s;

6. Presser foot lowering speed: 1.89 (mm/s);


7. Measuring speed: when the weighting time is 10 seconds, it is about 2.1(times/min); when the weighting time is 30 seconds, it is about 1.2 (times/min).

Operation steps:

First: prepare the accessories and test the samples;

Install the digital display on the instrument and tighten it;

Install the crowbar on the instrument platform and tighten it;

Install the digital display Clear the value from the table;

Place the sample to be tested under the presser foot of the instrument ;

Load the pressure weight on the presser foot Above;

The digital display shows the thickness of the sample;

Remove the weight and sample;

Switch to another thickness of fabric and load a different pressure, and measure again;

Place the test sample under the presser foot of the instrument;

Load the weight de pressure on the presser foot;

The digital display indicates the thickness of the sample;

This instrument can, depending on the tested object, replace the Foot presser and pressure weight at the same time;

The range and accuracy of the digital display meter of the equipment can be optional.