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Operation steps of G185 leather water vapor permeability tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-12 Click:53

The G185 Leather Water Vapor Permeability Tester is applied to leather and textiles used in shoe uppers and clothing to measure the perspiration ability of materials on the user\'s skin. It is independently developed and produced by our company, Shanghai Panbiao Textile Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Test equipment, cost-effective and comprehensive after-sales service.

Complies with standards:

UNI EN IUP/15, UNI EN 13515, EN ISO 20344: 6.6, IUP 15, BS 3144, Method 24, SLP 25, DIN 53333, ISO 17699 , DIN 53 429, METODO - 309 WI 009

Operation steps:

First of all: place the test accessories and samples Get ready;

Place the sample in the test cup filled with silica gel desiccant;

Place the test cup on the balance , weigh it and record the value;


Open the metal safety door of the instrument;

Insert the prepared test cup into the instrument station and tighten it;

Close the metal safety door of the instrument;

Set the number of rotation cycles;

Press the start button;

The test bench will run continuously;

When the set rotation value is reached, the instrument stops automatically;

Remove the test cup from the workstation;

Weigh the test cup again and record the value;

At the end of the experiment, turn off the instrument;

After the instrument test is completed, the permeability of the material is determined by calculating the weighing values ​​of the test cup containing the sample and silica gel desiccant before and after the test .