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Medical needle tube toughness tester

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Medical needle tube toughness tester

Medical needle tube toughness tester

The medical injection needle toughness tester adopts a 5.7-inch (120 × 90) LCD screen with Chinese menu display, touch operation: tube wall: normal wall, thin-walled, ultra-thin wall, three optional options; The RX9626-D Medical Needle (Needle) Toughness Tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB18457 Stainless Steel Needles for Manufacturing Medical Devices and GB15811 Sterile Injection Needles for Single Use.

Principle of needle tube toughness test method:

Fix one end of the needle tube and apply a force from the fixed point to the needle tube with a specified span. First, bend it in one direction and then bend it in the opposite direction for a specified angle. Repeat this process for the specified number of times.

Technical parameters of medical needle tube toughness tester:

Needle tube nominal specification: 0.2-3.4mm;

Test frequency: 0.5Hz;

Rocker arm swing bending angle: 3 positions of 15 °, 20 °, and 25 °, switch set bending angle, 4-position high brightness LED display;

Bending distance: 6-95mm, accuracy: ± 0.1mm (10 specifications);

Experiment frequency: Apply force in both directions 20 times.

Net weight: 10kg

External dimensions: 300 x 240 x 240 (mm)

Instrument lifetime free upgrade service in accordance with national standards and regulations

Partial list:

1. One host

2. Print 1 roll of paper

3. One set of fixtures

4. A set of weights

5. One year warranty

6. Operating instructions

7. The instrument is provided with lifelong free upgrade services in accordance with national standards and regulations

Test procedure:

1. Fix one end of the needle firmly on the fixture, adjust the specified span load corresponding to the tested needle according to Table 3, and select the following bending angles: normal wall 25 °, thin-walled 20 °, and ultra-thin wall 15 °.

Apply a sufficiently large force at the specified span position, at a frequency of 0.5Hz, in both directions for 20 times, and observe the breakage of the needle tube visually.