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Syringe sliding performance tester

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Syringe sliding performance tester

Syringe sliding performance tester

Introduction to the syringe sliding performance tester: It adopts a 5.7-inch (120 × 90) single color LCD touch screen display and Chinese menu display. And select the nominal capacity of the syringe through the keyboard, display the starting force, average force, maximum and minimum pushing force, and record the movement and force of the core rod in real-time. The test results will be printed by the onboard printer.

The specialized testing instrument for the sliding performance of injectors consists of intelligent controllers, force measuring mechanisms, distance measuring mechanisms, printers, and other components. The intelligent controller consists of a CPU, motherboard, LCD display screen, keyboard, power supply, and other components. The screen adopts a full Chinese window display, and the keyboard controls the cursor for options, operations, and settings. Without training, it can be operated and used according to prompts.

Technical parameters:


Working temperature: 5-40 ℃

Relative humidity: (45-80)%

Power supply voltage: 220V ± 22V

Grid frequency: 50Hz ± 1HZ

2 Display methods:

Adopting a 320 × 240 single color LCD display screen with a full Chinese window display.

Using a keyboard to control the menu on the LCD screen and the analog keyboard on the LCD screen.

Power consumption: 200W

Instrument loading range: 0-40N, accuracy: ± 0.1

Experimental speed: 100mm/min ± 5mm/min

Partial list of syringe sliding performance tester:

1. One host

2. Print 1 roll of paper

3. One set of fixtures

4. A set of weights

5. One year warranty

6. Operating instructions

7. The instrument is provided with lifelong free upgrade services in accordance with national standards and regulations