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Mattress and sofa anti ignition characteristic tester

Author: Released in:2024-03-26 Click:21

Mattress and sofa anti ignition characteristic tester

Mattress and sofa anti ignition characteristic tester

Compliant with standards:

GBT 17927-2011 "Evaluation of Fire Resistance Characteristics of Soft Furniture Mattresses and Sofas"

Applicable scope:

This section applies to the testing and evaluation of the anti ignition characteristics of soft furniture such as mattresses and sofas used in public places, as well as the anti ignition characteristics of furniture soft packaging components

Product Description:

The mattress and sofa anti ignition characteristic tester is developed and manufactured according to GBT 17927-2011 Evaluation of Anti ignition Characteristics of Mattresses and Sofas in Soft Furniture; The method and evaluation of conducting anti ignition characteristic tests on soft furniture using a device that simulates cigarettes and matches as ignition sources for flames

Technical parameters:

1、 Test box and specimen seat section

1. The combustion chamber is 3000mm long, 3000mm wide, and 2700mm high;

2. The box is made of fire-resistant and heat-resistant color steel rock wool board;

3. One side of the box is equipped with a ventilation opening and a ventilation fan; External smoke exhaust pipes;

4. One side of the box is equipped with a sealed glass window; Beautiful and convenient for external observation and experimentation;

5. Enlarge the box door to facilitate the entry and exit of mattresses and sofas;

6. Equipped with explosion-proof lamps inside the box, providing illumination inside the box;

7. The sample support groove is made of stainless steel plate and is corrosion-resistant; The size is 2200mm X 2000mm X 100mm;

8. The support groove can collect the flowing water and combustion residue used for firefighting; And design with drainage outlets; Avoid contaminating the test chamber floor;

9. Stainless steel bracket, used to support the support groove; The height is 30mm;

2、 Gas control system

1. Independent gas control cabinet;

2. Stainless steel cooling water tank; Built in stainless steel trachea; Ensure that the gas temperature inside the gas pipeline is at 20 ℃, and ensure more accurate gas flow (optional);

3. The imported gas flow meter accurately displays the gas flow rate (42 ± 2) ml/min;

4. Accurate control of gas flow rate with imported needle valves;

5. Burner stainless steel processing outer diameter 8mm ± 0.1mm inner diameter 6.5mm ± 0.1mm length 200 ± 5mm;

6. The burner angle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically;

7. Gas output pressure 2.8kpa;

8. Timer accuracy of 1 second;

9. The experiment was conducted in an environment with a temperature range of 10.0 ℃ to 30.0 ℃ and a relative humidity range of 15.0% to 80%.