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Dry cleaning and washing cylinders

Author: Released in:2024-03-26 Click:21

Dry cleaning and washing cylinders

Dry cleaning and washing cylinders

Compliant with standards:

AATCC 162; 16 CFR Part 1610; FZ/T01083-2000

Applicable scope:

It can be used for measuring physical indicators such as appearance color, size changes, and peel strength performance of hot melt bonded lining fabrics and various textiles after dry cleaning with organic solvents and alkaline solutions. It can also be used for preparing combustion test specimens.

Product details:

The dry cleaning and washing cylinder is also known as the AATCC 162 testing machine. The Gelowen G292 dry cleaning and washing cylinder is used to test the color fastness of fabrics during dry cleaning and chlorine water washing, and can also prepare specimens for combustion testing. The instrument consists of a 7650 milliliter stainless steel test box, a bracket, and a multi speed driver equipped with a digital timer.

Technical parameters:

1. Equipped with stainless steel rotatable drum

2. Tank height: 330mm

3. Tank inner diameter: 220mm

4. Speed: can be adjusted according to customer needs.

5. Overall length, width, and height of the instrument: 720 x 490 x 620mm

6. Equipped with a digital time display

7. Weight: 98kg


During the dry cleaning test, the instrument needs to be placed in a fume hood for testing (the solvent used is tetrachloroethylene, which is toxic).

2. Operators need to wear gas masks and protective gloves.

3. Liquid recycling requires careful handling and can be sent to a waste liquid recycling station.