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Fabric shading testing machine

Author: Released in:2024-03-26 Click:19

Fabric shading testing machine

Fabric shading testing machine

Testing standards:


Testing principle:

1. Illuminate the light source (halogen lamp bulb) and illuminate the receiving part of the illuminometer with light;

2. Adjust the brightness of the light source to 10000 (1X);

3. Determine the illuminance through which the sample passes;

4. Calculate the shading rate (%) according to the formula: shading rate (%)=(1-I1/I0) x 100%, I1: illuminance after installing the sample (lx); I0: Illuminance without installed specimen (lx).

Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: 1000W, 220V;

2. Light intensity adjustment range: ambient light intensity~20000Lux;

3. Illumination meter: 0.01Lux~999900Lux, accuracy ± 5%.

Main features:

1. It has the function of measuring spectral transmittance.

2. An integrating ball with a pass and photodetector.

3. Having an optical device capable of generating dual beams.

4. The angle of deviation between the incident light of two parallel beams and their beam axis shall not exceed 5 °.

5. It has the function of scanning at the required wavelength interval within the wavelength range of 380nm to 780nm.

6. A specimen clamp that maintains the flatness of the specimen in a tension free state.