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Water absorption tester

Author: Released in:2024-03-26 Click:26

Water absorption tester

Water absorption tester

Product Introduction:

This device is used to detect the ability of velvet fabrics to quickly absorb and retain moisture from the surface of human skin, dishes, and furniture. Pour a quantitative amount of water onto the fabric through a funnel, fix the fabric on a fixture, and subtract the water accumulated in the lower plate from the original measured water to obtain the water absorbed by the fabric.

Main use:

The water absorption tester is suitable for testing the water absorption of products such as towels, face towels, square towels, bath towels, towels, etc. It simulates the absorption of surface moisture by towels on the skin, dishes, furniture, etc. in real life to test their water absorption.

Applicable standards:

GB/T22799-2009 Test Method for Water Absorption of Towel Products

ASTM/D4772 Standard Test Method for Surface Water Absorption of Towel Fabrics (Water Flow Test Method)

Product features:

1. Laboratory level components

2. Made of non corrosive aluminum and stainless steel

3. If necessary, other water absorption testers can be provided

4.1 year manufacturer's warranty period

Technical parameters:

1. Glass funnel: 250ml

2. Flow cylinder: 100ml

3. Sample angle: 60 ° to the horizontal

4. Sample holder diameter: Ф 155mm

5. Size of drain tray: 250 x 190 x 30mm (L x W x H)

6. Sample holder external dimensions: 180 * 140 * 200mm

7. Instrument weight: 12KG

8. Distance between the outlet end of the water pipe and the surface of the sample: 2mm to 10mm

9. The distance between the water pipe and the inner side of the outer ring of the snap ring is 28mm-32mm

Operation steps:

1. Connect the connecting wires between the host and the constant temperature water tank, add enough third level water to the water tank, turn on the host power, and the constant temperature water tank will start working.

2. Method A: Add 800mL of third grade water to the stainless steel square box used for the A method test, and place it on the slide of the large water tank. The water level inside the large water tank should not be higher than the upper edge of the square box. When the temperature gauge shows a constant temperature at the set value, the experiment can start. Place the towel sample flat on the support net, slowly place it on the water surface, and at the same time press the "timer" button to start timing. When the sample is completely wetted, press the "timer" button to terminate the timer and record the required time. Press the "Reset" button to reset. Calculate the average measured value of 6 samples.

3. Method B: Pour 50mL (21 ± 1) ° C tertiary water into the funnel, open the valve to pre wet the pipeline, and then dry the tabletop, tray, and clamp ring.

4. Use a balance to weigh the pre test tray mass m.

5. Prepare the sample according to the standard, clamp it flat onto the steel ring with a snap ring, tighten the butterfly nut, and place it on the two fixed columns on the base panel.

6. Measure 50mL of third level water and pour it into a funnel. Turn the solenoid valve switch to the "start" position to open the valve. After the water flow is complete, start timing. After (25 ± 5) seconds, take out the water collection tray and weigh the mass m1. After stopping the timer, press the "Reset" button to reset the timer.