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KS-I type GEFRAN Gefran pressure sensor product overview

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:105

KS-I GEFRAN pressure sensorProduct overview

Italy GEFRAN Gefran Group Company, the main products are GEFRAN displacement sensors (including linear linear displacement sensors, linear rotary displacement sensors), GEFRAN high temperature melt pressure sensor (including standard mercury filling type, mainly used in industrial industries, food industry silicone oil filled type - used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries), GEFRAN pressure sensor (belongs to normal temperature type, can be used in various industrial industries that need to detect pressure), GEFRAN load sensor (multiple forms of selection such as shear force detection, tension detection, tension and compression bidirectional detection, single pressure detection, etc.), GEFRAN displays alarm table (temperature, pressure, displacement, accelerationcounting, timing, etc. display is Alarm - optional relay, logic, digital output, etc. and optional process value analog/digital output, etc.), GEFRAN controller (temperature, pressure, displacement, valve, voltage, acceleration, and other physical magnitudes, after PID mediation Control output, especially our 2500 high-performance controller, is most beautifully used in the closed-loop control of extruders. It can achieve almost perfect control effect at a low cost), GEFRAN solid-state relay, GEFRAN industrial computers ( mainly used in rubber and plastic Industry integrated control), etc.

KS-I type GEFRAN pressure sensors

Gefran industrial pressure sensors and transmitters measure the pressure of liquids (liquid or gas) in the industrial and mobile hydraulic markets.

Gefran uses three main technologiesthe manufacture of pressure sensors: steel thick film technology, sapphire silicon piezoresistive technology and bonded strain gauges. Reliable, accurate and flexible technology in application and performance. In addition to conventional technology with internal measuring chambers and optional pressure dampers to prevent pressure peaks, Gefran also offers coil diaphragm pressure transducers with a robust 17-4 PH stainless steel diaphragm for direct mechanical measurement. These sensors are designed to measure the pressure of high-density liquids or substances with high viscosity, such as oil, rubber, chemical products, etc. Such applications can make measurements difficult for sensors with internal measuring chambers. Furthermore, our range includes high temperature melt transmitters and TEX certified pressure sensors, they are ideal for applications in potentially explosive areas. The SIL2 machine safety certification PLd confirms its reliability and compliance at the same timetime to current machine safety guidelines. EU certifications such as CE, CuLUs, PESO, IECEx FM and PAC complete the range.

KS-I type


Compact size - IO-Link digital output

Main lines

Measuring range: 4 to 1000 bar

Compact size

Contact material: stainless steel


KS-I type GEFRAN Gefran pressure sensorProducts Overview Overview

The KS-I pressure transmitter is based on the technology of a thin-film sensing element deposited on a steel diaphragm. These are extremely robust and reliable due to the use of the latest SMD electronics anda compact design with full stainless steel construction. The KS-I can be defined as a "smart" sensor that can provide not only pressure data, but also a range of useful information related to the variable or physical quantity being detected by the sensor. They are suitable for different industrial areas, especially where we find medium/large machines with many sensors.

Technical specifications

Measuring range: 4 to 1000 bar

Compact size

Contact material: stainless steel

IO-Link output signal: IO-Link version 1.1

Transmission type COM3 (230.4 kBaud)