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The perfect demand for high and low temperature humidity and heat test chambers

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:108

1. Functional requirements

1. The allowable operating scale for temperature and ambient humidity of the high and low temperature test chamber should also meet the specifications of the manufacturer\'s original instructions.

2. The distribution uniformity of temperature and ambient humidity must reach the standard error value.

3. The rate of temperature rise and fall should reach the default value. When it reaches 50℃, it is allowed to extend the time by 20%.

two, Shell

The shell construction is solid, the sealing is good, the tailgate theme is flexible, the window is tight and translucent.

3. Server management system

1. The heating and cooling machine, the electricalmixing fan and other mechanisms work firmly and stably without obvious vibration and irregular shock. The noise must be less than 75 dB(A).

2. Refrigerator The pipeline management system has excellent sealing performance, no steam or oil leakage.

What should be used in the environmental test chamber for maintenance of constant temperature and humidity equipment What works


Actually, there are frequently asked questions:

1. If the test is not a clean cloth or hard surface, or for temperature control, and it is used again for temperature and ambient humidity to check the ball, you need to replace the cloth.

2. Inspection space and water adjustment level of wet bulb temperature and ambient humidity: the water level of the tap water pipe is not too high, the water flows over the tap water pipe or the moisture content is low, the is abnormal to facilitate the wet water balloon test, which will affect the accuracy of the dry bulb temperature, and maintain a sufficient water level.The water level of the water pipe can be adjusted, and the high and low water storage tanks can be adjusted.Three or four times, basically every test must be done Check regularly for fill moisture.

Comb Security Guideer with constant temperature and humidity


If the device is damaged or deformed when unpacking, don't use it.

When installing and setting up the device, make sure that no dust, buttons, iron pins or other objects enter it, otherwise it will cause incorrect posture or common errors.

Wiring must be correct and grounding must be done. Failure to ground may cause electric shock, misalignment accidents, abnormal display information or large measurement deviations.

Regular maintenance of clamp screws and mounting brackets, do not apply in case of breakout.

During the operation period of the instrument panel of the environmental test chamber for equipment with constant temperature and humidity, the cover of the switch power input should be on the terminal board for the safe use of electricity.

dashboard During operation, before performing operations such as changing settings, signal output, start and stop, safety factors must be fully considered, and improper operations will damage work equipment or cause malfunctions .

Wipe the gauge with a damp cloth Do not use ethanol, petrol or other solvents and do not splash water on the instrument panel.If the instrument panel of the environmental test chamber of the constant temperature and humidity equipment seeps into the water, please stop using it immediately, otherwise there will be electric leakage, electric shock accident or fire hazard.

Constant temperature and humidity equipment environment test The internal components of the box's instrument panel have a certain lifespan. In order to continue to use the instrument panel safely, you must carry out maintenance and maintenance in a timely manner. When you pay for this product, you should dispose of it with industrial waste.

all per device It is unlikely that there will be no abnormalities in use .If there is a problem, the user can enjoy timely after-sales service, or can quickly identify the troubleshooting method according to the fault detection ability of the equipment itself, so that the equipment can be repaired as soon as possible Restore functions, resend.