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IPX rating under rain test chamber maintenance

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-11 Click:177

The rain test chamber is one of the necessary test equipment for test centers, university laboratories and some large companies. It is used almost every day, so once it fails it will seriously affect the lab\'s test progress. If you usually pay attention to the maintenance of the rain test box, the associated failure rate will also decrease. Many people do not know how to properly clean and maintain the rain test chamber, and always lose sight of the other. Today, Xiao Wu will show you how to maintain the rain test chamber.

First, the water in the rain test chamber should be changed once a month to ensure clean water quality.

Second, in order to keep the rain test box beautiful and the outer box not rust, we need to clean the outer box once a year. When cleaning, you just need to wipe it with soapy water, but keep in mind that Juecannot use corrosive liquids when cleaning the outer box.

Third, because of long-term use can easily cause dust accumulation in the power distribution box, it is best to clean the power distribution box of the rain test box at least once a year to ensure that the equipment performance is not affected by the dust absorbed by the spare parts .

Thirdly, if the test box is not used for a long time or on vacation, please drain the water in the water tank and do dust-proof treatment on the water tank.

In short, the rain test box should be reinforced during use, including handling some minor defects, such as regular cleaning, which are necessary to ensure the durability of the rain test box.

The following is the
method of rain test chamber: vertical drop test
equipment: drop test device.
Sample placement: Place the sample on the 1r/min rotating sample table according to the normal working position, and the distance from the top of the sample to the drip hole is not more than 200mm.
Test conditions: The falling speed is 1.0 ± 0.5 mm/min.
Duration: 10 minutes

Method: Inclined 15° drop test.
Equipment: drop test device.
Sample placement: Make a surface of the sample at an angle of 15° to the vertical and the distance from the top of the sample to the drop hole should not exceed 200 mm. After each test, the other surface was replaced four times.
Test conditions: The drop rate is 3.0 ± 0.5 mm/min.
Duration: 4×2.5 minutes (10 minutes in total)

Method: Spray test
Equipment: The inside diameter of the mouthpiece of the nozzle is 6.3mm
Test conditions: the distance between the test sample and the faucet is 2.5m ~ 3m, and the water flow rate is 12.5 liters / minute (750 liters / hour)
Test time: 1 minuteper square meter (excluding the installation area), less In 3 minutes, calculated based on the area of ​​the tested sample shell.

Method: strong water spray test;
Test equipment: the iThe inner diameter of the nozzle is 12.5mm
Test condition: the distance between the test sample and the nozzle is 2.5m ~ 3 m with a water flow rate of 100 l/min (6000 l/h)
Test time: 1 minute per square meter (excluding the installation area), less than 3 minutes, calculated based on the area of ​​the sample dish tested.

Method: short immersion test
Test equipment and test conditions: immersion tank. Dimensions should ensure that the distance from the bottom of the sample

Lab Test Instrument

to the water surface is at least 1 meter after the sample is placed in the dip tank. The distance from the top of the sample to the water surface must be at least 0.15 minutesn Test time: 30 minutes

Method: continuous dive test;
Test equipment, test conditions and test time: due to supply and demand It was agreed that this should be stricter than IPX 7. Note: In addition many outdoor electronics products also emphasize buoyancy.