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Product Features of PCT High Pressure Steam Humid Heat Aging Chamber

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-11 Click:111

PCT high pressure steam humid heat aging chamber is suitable for testing the sealing performance of products such as national defense, aerospace, auto parts, electronic parts, plastics, magnets, pharmaceuticals, printed circuit boards, multi-layer printed circuit boards, ic, LCD, magnets, lighting, lighting products, etc . Accelerated life tests are performed on related products, which are used in the product design phase to quickly identify product defects and weak links. Test the anaerobic resistance and airtightness of its products. To test the moisture absorption ability of the semiconductor package, the tested product is tested under high temperature, humidity and pressure, and moisture will penetrate into the package through the interface between the colloid or the colloid and the lead frame. Common failure modes are gaps due to corrosion of active metallization areas, or shorts between package pins due toof pollution. The purpose of accelerated life testing is to improve environmental stress (such as temperature) and work stress (such as voltage and load applied to the product), speed up the testing process, and shorten the life testing time of the product or system.

GB/T 2423.40-2013 Environmental test Part 2: Test method Test Cx: Constant moist heat of high pressure unsaturated steam

Product characteristics
1. Adopt imported high temperature resistant solenoid valve double The circuit structure reduces the failure rate;
2. The independent steam generation chamber avoids the direct impact of steam on the product, avoiding local damage to the product;
3. The labor-saving structure of the door lock solves the problem of the dish handle Defects that are not easy to lock.
4. The cold air for the test; the design of the cold air outlet during the test (outlet into the test vessel) improves the stabilityand print reproducibility; Hours;
6. Water level protection, detected and protected by the water level sensor in the laboratory;
7. Cabinet pressure resistance design, the pressure resistance (140℃) of the cabinet is 2.65kg, meet the 6kg water pressure test;;
>8. Two-Stage Pressure Protection Device,

Lab Test Instrument

Connect the Two-Stage Regulator to the Mechanical Pressure Protection Device Combination ;
9. Safety safety pressure relief button, two-stage automatic pressure relief button for emergency safety devices;
10. Full touch controller, support U disk export history.

1.1 Set temperature: +100℃ ~+132℃ (saturated steam temperature)
1.2 Humidity range: % steam humidity
1.3 Humidity control stability: 1% RH
1.4 Working pressure : 1.2 ~ 2.89 kg (including 1 atmosphere)

1.5 Time range: 0 hours ~ 9999 hours
1.6 Pressurization time: 0.00 kg ~ 1.04 kg/cm2, about 45 minutes.
1.7 Temperature fluctuation uniformity: 0.5℃
1.8 Temperature display accuracy: 0.1℃
1.9 Pressure fluctuation uniformity: 0.02Kg
1.10 HumidityUniformity of distribution: 5% RH

Material of test chamber
2.1 Test chamber size: ∮300mm x L500mm), round test chamber.
2.2 Dimensions: 900x 800 x 1600mm (width*depth*height)
2.3 Material inner bucket: stainless steel plate (SUS# 316 3 mm) or plastic sprayed.
2.4 Outer barrel material: stainless steel plate.
2.5 Insulation material: insulation of rock wool and rigid polyurethane foam.
2.6 Steam generator heating tube: titanium tube will never rust when heated.
2.7 Operating System:
A. Use the touch controller to control test temperature, time, information query and data export.
B. Display pressure gauge with pointer.
C. Microcomputer PID automatically calculates and controls the temperature of saturated steam.
D. Manual water inlet valve (automatic water replenishment funaction, continuous test without stopping the machine).
2.8 Mechanical structure:
A. Round inner box, stainless steel round inner box construction, in line with industrial safety container standards, can prevent condensation and dripping during the test.
B. Annular liner, stainless steel annular liner design, can prevent the direct impact of latent steam heat on the sample.
C. Precise design, good airtightness, low water consumption, and can run continuously for 400 hours each time water is added.
D. The patented packaging design makes the door and box combined more tightly, which is totally different from the traditional extrusion type, which can extend the service life of the packaging.
E. Critical point upper and lower limit mode automatic safety protection, abnormal cause and fault indicator lights.
2.9 Safety Protection:
A. Imported high temperature sealed solenoid valve has double circuit structure to ensure that the pressure does not leak.
B. The whole machine is equipped with multiple safety devices such as over-pressure protection, over-temperature protection, one-key pressure relief, manual pressure relief, etc., to ensure the use and safety of users.
C. Back pressure door lock, when there is pressure in the laboratory, the test chamber door cannot be opened.