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Working principle of 1000L water and rain test chamber

Author: Released in:2022-11-28 Click:42

The rain test is generally carried out in the rainproof test box. The rainproof test box is suitable for the artificial rain test based on natural conditions. There is no rainfall with strong wind speed, and the high temperature of the sample and the temperature of rainwater are not taken into account. A large amount of water ingress caused by the difference.

Car rain test is already an indispensable production link in the industry. Car rain test means that water from the outside of the body enters the car through the fitting opening of the body. The vehicle manufacturer uses an artificial simulated rain environment to realize the rain sealing performance test.

Application Model And Specification Of Water And Rain Test Chamber
1. Studio size: 1000×1000×1000
2. The water flow rate of the spray hole is 0.6 l/min+5%
3. High-quality stainless steel water spray tube with a bending radius of 800mm and a bindiameter of 16mm.
4. Swing speed and amplitude of spray line: 60/s, 180 ± 200
5. Nozzle hole diameter and distance: 0.8mm/50mm
6. Rain water pressure: about 98 ~ 106 kPa rain pressure.

Working principle of 1000L water and rain test chamber
This equipment uses a high pressure water pump to spray test water at a certain pressure and a certain flow rate onto the sample through a swing rod nozzle. Rotate the test device to change the swing amplitude and frequency of the pendulum to suit the environment required for the test.

Equipment structure of water and rain test chamber
(1) The test chamber is an integral structure, the rainwater tank, the high pressure water pump and the rotary system of the test device are in the lower part of the chamber, and the control system is located in the test chamber directly below.
(2) The test box is a single door, sealed with double-layer aging-resistant silicone rubber.
(3)There is an observation window on the chest door.
(4) The equipment is equipped with switch-controlled lighting.
(5) The water spraying swivel and the photoelectric conversion system are installed on the right side of the test box.


Materials of water spray test chamber equipment
(1) The outer shell is cold-rolled steel plate sprayed with plastic / the inner wall of the working space is processed and formed by SUS304 stainless steel plate.
(2) Electric heater with stainless steel fins
(3) Special motor, centrifugal convection fan
(4) Imported PT-100 sensor is used for temperature measurement.
(5) Silicone rubber sealing strip, rotary joint with imported water spray seal
(6) Tianmu Lake flow control valve and Huafeng speed control motor
(7) Sample holder and sample holder Rotating structure, glass observation window.
(8) Rotation angle and frequency photoelectric conversion controllesystem

Use of water and rain test chamber:
This equipment is used to test the dynamic operation of products in different intensity rain environments, To evaluate the quality of the product's work. Comply with the standard (test method): GB/T4208-2008 and GB/T10485: water spray test.

Measurement and control system for water and rain test chambers:
1. The time controller uses the German Jinling Moeller programmable controller;
2. Swing rod speed The controller and the speed controller of the turntable use Schneider frequency converter;
3. These pumps/flowmeters are all made in China.
4. Time Relay: LCD display, 1~999.9 hours
5. Other electrical accessories use high-quality branded products, such as Schneider AC contactors, Omron intermediate relays, Delixi fuses, etc.

The above is the relevant information about ESRI's water and rain test chamber, if you need has meany information about the maintenance, maintenance and troubleshooting of the water and rain test chamber, please contact us!