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Introduction GA44H double lever safety valve

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:114

Safety valve is a safety device to prevent pressure equipment and containers from bursting due to pressure rise or pressure in the container exceeding the limit. The safety valve is a safety device widely used in pressure systems such as pressure vessels, boilers and pressure pipes to ensure the safe operation of the pressure system.
When the pressure of the container exceeds the design specification, the safety valve automatically opens to release the overpressure in the gas reducer to prevent damage to the container or pipeline.

When the pressure in the container drops to the normal working pressure, it will close automatically to prevent all the gas from being discharged by the overpressure of the container, resulting in wastage and production interruption. The safety valve is mainly composed of three parts: the valve seat, the valve disc (coil)and the loading mechanism. Part of the valve seat is integrated with the valve body, and some are assembled with the valve body and communicate with the equipment. The valve poppet is often attached to the valve stem, which is attached to the valve seat. There is a loading mechanism above the disc and the load can be adjusted.

When the pressure in the equipment is within a certain working pressure range, the force exerted by the internal medium on the disc is less than the force exerted by the loading mechanism on the valve, and the difference between them constitutes the sealing force between the disc and the valve seat Make sure that the valve presses firmly on the valve seat, and the medium of the equipment can not be drained. When the pressure in the equipment exceeds the specified working pressure and reaches safety