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Features of high and low temperature test chamber

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:147

High and low temperature test chamber: It is divided into three areas, including a high temperature area, a low temperature area and a test area.

After the product has been statically placed in the test room, it is tested by switching between hot and cold air.

Due to the working characteristics of the high and low temperature test box, it can also be used as a high temperature box alone or as a low temperature box.

Water supply from the water tank, internal humidification at the bottom of the tank, high efficiency and energy saving, internal and external pressure balance design, filter system

The high and low temperature test box will be equipped with a industrial grade touch screen and the operator can directly select the display. The data on the screen is used to operate the equipment.

Users can also connect to the computer through the port, allowing them to use the computer immediatelyfor remote operation.

Temperature and low-temperature test chamber: As an indispensable test device in the electronics, metal, plastics and other industries, it is increasingly used.

The working principle of the test chamber is that the chamber can switch between high and low temperature environments through the system in a very short time.

The purpose of this is to test the relevant performance of the product through the process of thermal expansion and contraction of the product.

The criterion for judging whether a test chamber is a qualified test chamber is the time it takes to recover the temperature.

Under normal circumstances, the temperature can be restored within 5 minutes, which is a qualified test room.