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Pen syringe seal leakage tester – automatic operation

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:165

Pen Syringe Seal Leak Tester-Automatic Operation

YBB produced by Jinan Sanquan Zhongshi Experimental Instruments- 03Pharmaceutical Packaging Tester is a multifunctional testing machine that integrates various test items and can test various test items of various products, such as pharmaceutical packaging and syringes. For example:

Compatibility of each part of the pre-filled syringe assembly (with hypodermic needle) as specified in the National Standard for Drug Packaging Material YBB00112004 and ease of use .Among them, the test items for prefilled syringes include the connecting force between the needle and the needle seat, the pull-out force of the needle guard, the compatibility between the plunger and the push rod, the smoothness of the plunger, the sliding performance of the plunger, and the tightness of the body waiting.

Composite Films and Bags for Pharmaceutical Packaging General Rules for Film and Pouches (Trial) (YBB00132002) Composite bags heat seal strength items, etc. are not listed here one by one. Let\'s see some technical parameters of this equipment.

Technical specifications

Measuring range 20N/50N/300N/500N/1000N/1500N (one or more can be selected)

Measuring error ±0.5%

Measuring speed 1-500mm/min stepless adjustment Speed

Speed ​​error ±2%

Machine size 570 mm × 430 mm × 1170 mm

Weight 78 kg

Environmental requirements

p>Ambient temperature 15℃-50℃

Relative humidity≤80%, no condensation

Power supply 220V, 50Hz


Standard configuration: host, microprinter, puncture force attachment with rubber plug, pull ring opening force attachment

Optional configuration: break force attachment, openingforce fastening combined cover, stretch fixture, needle point puncture force test fixture, sliding test fixture, body tightness test fixture, heat seal strength test fixture, connection force fixture, pull force fixture, connection force fixture, fully open force fixture

Pen-syringe seal leak tester-automatic operation

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