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Product introduction of the CP9121LA flexible clamp meter

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:114

1. Overview

Ordinary clamp meters can only measure low-frequency small currents or instantaneous large currents. For high-frequency continuous large currents, flexible current clamps are needed, namely Rogowski coils. Particularly in high voltage environments, flexible clamp meters can be adapted for insulation isolation and can be tested normally even in high voltage environments of 10 kV. CP9000LA series flexible current probes are probes that test only AC current signals, with high bandwidth and high precision (typical value 1%). It can realize a wide current measurement range, the frequency can be from 0.5Hz to 10MHz, and the current range can be from a few amps to thousands of amps to megaamps, which greatly solves the problem of current testing. The main features are: the coil is light and soft and can be connected freely, it can detect many places that hard probes cannot reach, and it is easy to connect with thet object to be tested; the insertion loss is close to zero, just a few picohen The interference from the measured object is close to zero; the standard BNC output interface is very convenient to connect with oscilloscopes, data collectors, digital voltmeters, etc., to observe the current waveform; 4 AA batteries or external USB DC5V power supply, more flexible to use Convenience; sound and light overflow alarm function, more humanized design; probing and connecting wire length can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the testing requirements of special occasions.

The CP9000LA series probe has a typical outer diameter of 8 mm and a withstand voltage of up to 10 kVpk, which is well suited for high current and high power applications.

Second, compared to peers

1, the bandwidth is up to 10 MHz;

2, goods The period is only 1-2 weeks;

3. The warranty is up to three years;

4. The maintenance cost is low;

5. Provide a variety of customized specifications.

Third, areas of application:

1, power grid inspection;

2. Pulse/Peak High Current Test;

3. High voltage and high current environment test;

4. Monitoring of system power changes.