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interprets why the electronic platform printer cannot print-

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:99

Many goods nowadays need to be weighed and invoiced in order to do a good job of sorting. For the weighing of the bill, there is no doubt that the electronic scale is equipped with a printer.

There are many things to consider when connecting an electronic vehicle scale to a printer. In addition, the job is relatively busy and the print job is prone to problems. It\'s not that we think about it, but sometimes problems arise because we\'re in a hurry.

When we find that the scale is normal, but the corresponding printer cannot print the weighing sheet, then we need to analyze the cause to find the corresponding solution. Most of the reasons are operating and setting errors. How to solve this problem ?

, First, select the correct corresponding printer selection settings currently connected to the instrument in the painstrument print settings (instructions in the instrument manual), and general instrument print settings will have a classification of supported printer models. Take xk3190-A9 as an example, the micro printer provided by the meter itself.

Second, the instrument\'s time and date must be set correctly. If the time and date of the instrument itself is not set correctly, it will also cause printing to fail. Once the setting is correct, previous print storage records should be cleared. Also take xk3190-A9 as an example, the method to clear the record is, when the calibration switch is off,

Thirdly, the connection between the instrument and the printer should be normal, for example, when the scale is connected to the Panasonic 1121, When the connection is normal, when the connection is activated on the pring 1121, it means the connection is normal. If it is not on, you need to press it.

Fourth, if the electronic platform scale is equipped with weighing software, and the instrument is connected to the computer, the printer is connected to the computer, and the corresponding settings are carried out in the computer.

The above points can eliminate more than 90% of electronic platform invoice printing failures. If the following conditions are excluded and printing is still not possible, there may be a problem with the printer (line) or the printer connection port of the instrument.