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Interpretation of the principle of laser cutting machine chiller

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:119

The laser cutting machine is a kind of cutting equipment currently used in general industrial film, and as a chiller to maintain constant temperature, constant pressure and constant flow for the laser cutting machine, it also follows the trend. Its market capacity is 8% per year. The speed keeps increasing.

A smart laser machine should be paired with a smarter chiller. To determine if the chiller is smart, you need to know if the chiller has a smart \"brain\". Thinking and control center can make the cooler full of intelligence in an instant.

The Industrial Refrigeration Internet of Things Division is committed to designing solutions support for industrial chillers, R&D and manufacturing.

Dual temperature thermostat is state of the artoverall market and development trends, relying on the strong R&D and production strength of Jingchuang Co., Ltd. to emerge in time.

Endow it with powerful functions and fill it with \"wisdom\" to meet the needs of many chiller manufacturers.

The temperature controller is suitable for high-end high-power laser chillers, which can meet the chiller control scheme required by 500 watt to 12,000 watt laser equipment; main display separation design enables display Control is more flexible, safe and reliable;

Provided Modbus-RTU communication makes remote control a reality, which can be covered by two functions:

One is to monitor the working status of the chiller (fault self-alarm), and the other is to modify the parameters of the chiller , so you can control it in timereal ps without on-site intervention.

In addition, the dual-temperature and dual-control system can realize a dual-purpose machine, save users\' costs, optimize product image, and save space at the floor. Let this intelligent and humanized cooler be what you need.

Not only that, but the product has also passed the industry\'s EMC Level 4 anti-interference test in terms of technology; front panel protection level reaches IP65, waterproof and dustproof;

ABS engineering plastic shell, flame retardant, anti-aging, can fit to various industrial environments; Built-in phase sequence detection, effectively protect chiller operation;

Equipped with electromagnetic flowmeter input and interface display makes your attention more intuitive; conductivity input can effectively detect quality problemssome water.

With 19 control inputs (phase sequence detection, ambient temperature, water temperature, exhaust temperature, electromagnetic flow meter, conductivity, high temperature and low temperature, 2 channels water pump current channel, 3 compressor current channels, water level, high refrigerant pressure, low refrigerant pressure, start-up standby input), 2 standby inputs;

11 control outputs (compressor, high temperature and low temperature 2 water pumps, condensing fan, solenoid valve, high temperature and low temperature 2-way heating rod, crankshaft heating, high temperature cooling, conductivity, alarm).