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Interpretation of the causes and treatment methods of the blockage of the ATOS flow regulator

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:109

ATOS flow control valve is called flow valve for short. It changes the size of the local resistance by changing the flow area of ​​the orifice or the length of the flow channel, so as to control the flow and change the moving speed of the actuator. ATOS flow control valves include throttle valves, speed control valves, diverter and flow control valves, etc.

The main reasons for blocked ATOS flow control valve are:

① Impurities in the oil or colloids precipitated by oxidation accumulate in the choke space.

②Because the oil is aged or pressed, the polarized charged molecules are adsorbed on the surface of the gap to form a firm boundary adsorption layer, thus affecting the size of the gap of strangulation. When the above accumulations and adsorbates reach a certain thickness, its will be carried away by the flow of liquid and then reattached to the valve orifice. Repeatedly in this way, the pulsation of flow is formed.

③ When the valve port pressure difference is large, it is easy to cause blockage.

The measures of ATOS flow control valve to reduce clogging phenomenon are as follows:

1. Adopting fine edge orifice with large hydraulic radius. Generally, the larger the flow area, the shorter the throttle channel, and the larger the hydraulic radius, the less likely the throttle orifice is to be blocked.

2. When selecting the pressure difference before and after the orifice, use multiple orifices in series. Generally take ΔP=0.2~0.3MPa.

3. Filter precisely and replace oil regularly. Place a separate fine filter device before the throttle valve to remove iron filings andabrasives, a magnetic filter can be used.

4. The material of the orifice part should try to use a metal with a small potential difference to reduce the thickness of the adsorption layer.