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Interpretation of causes of motor overload work

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:51

There are two common reasons for overwork:

1. Small horse-drawn cart.

For some reasons, the running motor is in the \"little horse-drawn cart\" overload state, which will increase the current flowing in the motor stator winding. This kind of overload time is slightly longer, it will cause the running motor temperature to rise too quickly and generate heat. The cause of the overload must be found and addressed.

2. The bad resistance of the mechanical transmission parts becomes larger.

When the transmission parts of the motor drive mechanism fail (such as increased friction or blocked rotation), it will cause the running motor load to increase, and the current will be too large and the temperature will rise too much to generate heat. In severe cases, it can even cause the engine to freeze. ATat this time, the temperature of the running motor will rise sharply, and the motor winding will burn out due to overheating.g. In this regard, the transmission parts must be properly cleaned and lubricated.