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Interpretation of how to deal with mold pollution in the artificial climate box

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:127

The artificial climate chamber can simulate the natural climate for plants and small animals, but mold is everywhere in the natural climate, let alone in the artificial climate chamber! Do not worry, our article is to solve the artificial climate It has been written about how to deal with mold contamination in the box.

Method 1: Scrub with pure water first, then disinfect with 95% alcohol, then irradiate with ultraviolet light.

Method 2: When adding water, heat the water to climate box temperature.

Method 3: (1) Rub with 70% ethanol, then rub with 0.1% promethamine; then smoke with potassium permanganate and formaldehyde in a 1:1 ratio. Note that if it is smoked, be careful to take it out immediately after mixing, then seal the cell culture chamber, the smell is very irritating.Disinfect before raising cells, otherwise there is really no place to put cells.

Method 4: First wipe the inner wall with 75% alcohol, ventilate for 10 minutes, and irradiate with ultraviolet light for 30 minutes.

Fifth method: First wipe the inner wall with 75% alcohol, then fumigate with formaldehyde + potassium permanganate overnight, then ventilate for a whole day.

Method 6. Take out the laminate in the climate box and press it under high pressure. Wipe the box wall with 75% alcohol, then wipe it with Shiro, then irradiate it with ultraviolet light overnight. The effect is very good.

Method 7: Blowing for a day after fumigation is not enough. It will take at least a week for the formaldehyde to dissipate, otherwise the cells will not grow well

Method 8: The role of sulfate de copper It is to inhibit the growth of bacteria, because current incubators have antibacterial functions.

Method 9: After autoclaving the plate, add an appropriate amount of sterilized bidistilled water or saline solution to the aseptic operating table. Add a small amount of bromogeramine, the concentration is not closed