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Interpretation of common faults and solutions of the constant temperature bath

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:135

1. The high pressure is too high during constant temperature tank operation:

It may be:

① There is a lot of fouling on the fins or the copper tubes of the condenser. Simply clean;

② If the cooling water temperature is too high or the flow rate is too low, simply lower the water temperature or increase the water flow rate accordingly;

③ If there is too much refrigerant, the countermeasure is to discharge it outside part of the refrigerant;

④ The opening of the expansion valve is too small and the countermeasure is to set the regulator opening correctly.

2. The constant temperature tank cannot start or stops immediately after starting:

It may be:

①The power supply voltage is too low or the current is cut off, as long as the circuit fault is eliminated Power supply according to the requirements of the rlow temperature constant temperature tank;

②The protection device is not reset after operation, pre-press the stop button once and then turn on the machine;

③The temperature controller is incorrectly set, so the contact is normally open, simply readjust the temperature control setting;

④The cooling water is not turned on and the interlock circuit is disconnected . At this point, it is enough to turn on the cooling system and connect the interlock circuit.

3. Low pressure is too low when thermostat is on:

It could be:

① Thermostat capillary is blocked, clean or replace the capillary;

② Insufficient refrigerant, just repair the leak, add refrigerant or adjust the expansion valve;

③ The opening of the regulator is too small, adjust the opening of the regulator appropriately;

④ If the filter is clogged, simply clean or replace the filter.