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Interpretation of the principle and application of the breathalyzer

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:145

The alcohol tester is exquisite, accurate, reliable, beautiful and easy to use;

It can be taken anywhere you go to help prevent impaired driving. drunkenness and alcoholism.

The alcohol tester is used to detect the concentration of ethanol in various environments that can release and produce ethanol;

It can simultaneously detect and alert Function , the instrument adopts imported electrochemical sensor and microcontroller technology;

It has the advantages of stable signal, high precision and good repeatability.

The semiconductor type of breathalyzer uses a tin oxide semiconductor as the sensor. This type of semiconductor device has gas-sensitive characteristics, and its sensitive gas concentration increases when it comes into contact with gas;

The resistance value that it presents on the outside is reduced,and the Semiconductor breathalyzer is made according to this principle.

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