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INCUDRIVE Roll Bottle Incubator

Author: Released in:2024-04-15 Click:23

INCUDRIVE Roll Bottle Incubator

INCUDRIVE Roll Bottle Incubator

Technical parameters:

Speed: 0.1-2 rpm

Temperature accuracy:<± 1 ° C

Temperature range: Room temperature+5 ° C~+50 ° C

External dimensions (WxDxH): 800950 x1950 mm

Power supply/power: 230 V, 50 Hz, 1300 W

Weight: 260 kg


Main features:

-Equipped with cultivation box and rolling bottle system

-Low energy consumption

-With mobile rollers

-Isolate from external pollution

-CO2 control 0-10% (optional)

-Rapid heating and precise control


Compact design:

The combination of a constant temperature incubator and a rolling bottle machine allows for the placement of up to 90 (100mm and 120mm) cultivation rolling bottles, with a total of 9 layers. The controllable range of rotational speed for bottles with a diameter of 120mm is 0.1-2 rpm.

All metal roller and bracket structure, high load-bearing. The sealed compartment inside the box is equipped with an independent motor driving the roller.

The transparent opening door allows for direct observation of the operation inside the box.


Low energy consumption

The energy consumption required for INCUDRIVE 90 is much lower than the heating energy required for large incubation rooms.

The temperature control range is 5-50 degrees Celsius above room temperature, and the stable ambient temperature inside the box is achieved through continuous air circulation. There is also an overheating protection device.



Equipped with a brake roller, the incubator can be moved freely.

Suitable for various brands of rolling bottles, and also suitable for 2L rolling bottles.

The box capacity can be increased according to the user's needs, or optional devices can be added according to the needs of the cultivation product.

In the clean workshop, production or harvesting operations can be completed simultaneously.

IQ/OQ verification file (optional).



When working at full load (loading 90 rolling bottles), the temperature control accuracy is ± 1 ℃. Monitor the temperature inside the box through the temperature control interface.

The independent box has a layered design, avoiding the possibility of cross infection.

INCUDRIVER 90 can cultivate multiple products simultaneously.

The box material can withstand 0.2% peracetic acid.


Efficient operation transfer rack

The transfer bracket truck can simultaneously load or remove 90 rolling bottles. The transfer bracket truck can be flexibly moved and sterilized. In the clean workshop, transfer vehicles can be used to move the culture roller bottles from one box to another room to complete the harvesting operation, thus minimizing the possibility of cross infection. Meanwhile, during the transfer process, effectively avoiding the possibility of bottle rolling tilting.