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GLM10 sterilization lamp monitor

Author: Released in:2024-04-15 Click:31

GLM10 sterilization lamp monitor

GLM10 sterilization lamp monitor

The effectiveness of the UV disinfection system monitor, UV water disinfection system, and sterilization lamp is equally good. Over time, even the best UV water treatment systems will experience significant degradation in disinfecting water treatment. The output of the sterilization lamp will also decrease with the age or dirtiness of the lamp.


The GLM10 sterilization lamp monitor is specifically designed for continuous monitoring of water contact container sterilization lamp output. GML10 ensures that the output of the sterilization lamp remains within the manufacturer's specifications for safe and effective disinfection water.


The service port of the exposure chamber for GLM10 screws is equipped with a built-in ultraviolet sensing probe to monitor the light.


GLM10 is used to display intensity values from 0 to 100%, and when a new light is installed, GLM10 is easily calibrated to 100%. As the output of the lamp decreases with age, this instrument can accurately display the intensity level as a percentage of the initial lamp intensity.


The preset threshold is used to determine the appropriate threshold value to be reached, and automatic valve control or remote alarm activated by fault lights and internal relays are used to ensure the continuous supply of safe drinking water.


Product application

Continuous monitoring of sterilization lamp output in water contact containers


Product features

Continuous monitoring

Fault indicator

Easy one-step calibration

Large LED display screen

Automatic control of external AC power supply equipment


technical parameter

Power requirement: 60 Hz

Display resolution: 1%

Range: 0-100%

Relay contact: 10A 125VAC C factory set, normally closed or normally open

Reading: Red LED display screen, 0.56 "high

Monitoring header: 1 "FPT (other sizes)

Weight: 1.5lbs (680g)

Dimensions: 5 4/8 "x 1 3/8" x 5 "(11.7 x 7.9 x 12.7 cm)

Pressure: 150 PSI/1034 kPa

Wavelength response: 240-275 nm