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Envelope surface area analyzer

Author: Released in:2024-04-16 Click:30

Envelope surface area analyzer

Envelope surface area analyzer

The Envelope Surface Area Analyzer (ESA) can provide a simple, fast, and reliable technique for measuring the outer surface area - a method that cannot be easily obtained by the Static Nitrogen Adsorption (BET) method. ESA combines flow permeability measurement with a complex automatic adjustment viscous flow controller, an innovation that can test a wide range of powder samples, including materials with a surface area of only a few square meters per gram.

Operating principle:

ESA operates based on the principles of flow permeability measurement. By measuring the flow rate of nitrogen (or any non corrosive gas) through the sample at different pressure differences, the outer surface area of the sample can be inferred based on a series of equations.

Product application:

It can provide users with surface area measurements within 5 minutes, and the main application of ESA is quality control. There are several industries that use the ESA function, including pharmaceuticals and ceramics. The sample includes pharmaceutical powder, electrode components, ceramic powder fiber materials, and other porous materials.

ESA can be applied in the following industries: battery separators, powder metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, ceramics, and soil science.

Product features:

1. Use nitrogen or other non corrosive gases without the need for expensive gas mixtures.

2. Based on Microsoft software, all controls, measurements, data collection, and report generation can also be completely manually controlled.

3. Compatible with Windows 95 or higher.

4. During the operation process, the current chart test displays a description of the test status and results.

5. Non destructive testing.

6. The experimental length is approximately 5 minutes.

7. We can accept samples of a wide range of types and sizes.

8. Requires minimal maintenance.

Technical parameters:

Surface area range: 0.1~10m2/g

Sample size: 1-10cc

Pressure range: 0-500psi

Explosion proof gas: nitrogen and any non corrosive gas

Pressure sensor range: 0-500psi

Mass flow sensor range: 10cc/minute~100cc/minute

Power supply: 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz

Dimensions: 7 "(H) x 17" (W) x 17 "(D)

Weight: 30lbs