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Hydraulic automatic bursting strength tester

Author: Released in:2024-03-22 Click:28

Hydraulic automatic bursting strength tester

Hydraulic automatic bursting strength tester

Compliant with standards:

ASTM D3786, ERT 80-4-20, GB/T 7742.1, BS EN ISO 13938-1, BS 3424-6-B, ISO 3303-B, ISO 2758, ISO 3303.2, ISO 3689, JIS L1018/L1093, IWS TM170, FZ/T 75003-1993

Applicable scope:

Used to test the bursting strength and height of materials related to textiles such as woven, knitted, non-woven, paper, cardboard, packaging materials, membranes or boards, using hydraulic drum burst method, it is an indispensable equipment for testing the bursting strength of paper, corrugated cardboard and textiles. By using intelligent control algorithms to accurately control the bursting time, it has two control modes: manual and automatic. Equipped with PC control software, easy to operate, capable of analyzing and printing test results, supporting all standard requirements for testing area, fully meeting the requirements of different standards.

Instrument features:

A. Full test area support, suitable for different standard requirements, and in compliance with GB standards, up to 100 cm? Test area;

B. Pneumatic fixtures, with firm and even clamping force, can be used for clamping various materials in all directions;

C. Support PC based online communication, perform statistical analysis on results, and print test reports;

D. The test results are rich in expression and can display factors such as bursting strength, bursting strength, membrane pressure, bursting height, and bursting time; Facilitate quality control personnel to have a comprehensive understanding of the expansion and rupture performance of the specimen.

Technical parameters:

A. Measurement range: (1% to 100% of full range) The maximum range can reach 6.000MPa, and the minimum division value is 0.002MPa;

B. Elastic diaphragm size: outer diameter Φ 80mm thickness 0.9 ± 0.1mm;

C. Test cup kit: Φ 112.8mm ± 0.2mm (100cm?), Φ 79.8 ± 0.2mm (50cm?), Φ 35.7 ± 0.2mm (10cm?), Φ 31.5 ± 0.2mm (7.5cm?), Φ 30.5 ± 0.2mm (7.3cm?), Φ 30 ± 0.2mm;

D. Maximum bursting height: 70 ± 0.02mm;

E. Maximum swelling time: 99.9 ± 0.1s;

F. Pressure rate: 100-500ml/min, the speed can be manually adjusted, or intelligent automatic adjustment can be selected;

G. Output format: print output, display output, real-time graphic display, supporting online communication;

H. Operation mode: Hand self integration;

I. Hydraulic oil: 85% glycerol, 15% distilled water;

J. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 2000W;

K. External dimensions: 750 x 500 x 950mm;

L. Weight: 160kg;

M. Instrument specifications: (length x width x height) 780mm x 480mm x 1210mm.

Instrument configuration:

1. One host

2. One branded computer

3. A set of testing software

4. One set of test cup kit (5 sets standard, 112.8 mm cups optional)

5. One bottle of glycerol

6. Test rubber film (2 pieces)

7. Silent laboratory air compressor (optional)