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Intelligent flat plate thermal conductivity tester

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Intelligent flat plate thermal conductivity tester

Intelligent flat plate thermal conductivity tester

Applicable scope:

This thermal conductivity tester mainly tests homogeneous board materials such as plastic, rubber, glass, fiberboard, benzene board, extruded board, foam concrete, hollow glass, wooden board, various insulation materials, etc. It can also measure the thermal conductivity of various substances such as granular materials, bulk materials, and soft materials.

Compliant with standards:

GB/T 10294-2008, GB/T 3399-1982, GB/T 10801.1-2002, GB/T 10801.2-2002, GB/T 3139-2005, GB/T 17794-2008.

Product Description:

Thermal conductivity is an important parameter used to measure the thermal conductivity and insulation performance of heat-resistant materials, and the performance of heat-resistant insulation materials is determined by the material's thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of a material depends on many factors such as its composition, porosity, water absorption, moisture content, internal structure, and the environment and temperature during heat conduction. The intelligent flat panel thermal conductivity tester integrates water bath constant temperature equipment, and all measurements and controls are controlled by computers. The experimental program is written in Visual Basic 6.0, with an intuitive interface and easy operation. The data section is in Excel format, which is easy to operate and process. The test data curve can be saved and printed in real time, and the test records can be fully stored. Utilizing a computer interface to achieve fully automatic control of the instrument, data acquisition and processing, as well as calculation, display, and printing of thermal conductivity, the measurement time is short, the speed is fast, the data is accurate, the degree of automation is high, and the noise is low.

Product features:

The test casing of the thermal conductivity tester adopts the spray coating method, also known as the electrostatic powder spraying method, which ensures excellent appearance quality, strong mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and rust resistance of the chassis.

2. Single specimen design, with insulation material and back protection unit used on one side of the heating unit to replace the specimen and cooling unit in the double specimen.

3. The unique caster design in the equipment further increases the flexibility of the thermal conductivity meter's movement.

4. Horizontal placement of specimens, automatic lifting of cold plates, simple and convenient placement of specimens.

5. The thermal conductivity meter has a long service life and uses pressure resistant and corrosion-resistant silicone tubes for water circulation.

6. High safety performance, the independence of the circuit and refrigeration cycle during the design process ensures that the electrical part of the equipment is not affected by the water cycle, thereby ensuring the stability of data collection for the electrical part.

7. Good temperature stability performance, the protective plate effectively prevents heat loss from the hot plate, forming a one-dimensional protective effect, greatly improving the temperature stability performance of the specimen.

8. Online dual calibration, our company adopts unique technology to calibrate temperature and system errors accurately, quickly, and conveniently.

9. The experimental testing time is short, and during the measurement process, the conventional measurement time is (120-150) minutes.

10. The measurement range is large, and the range for measuring thermal conductivity reaches (0.002-1.00) W/(m · K).

11. There are many types of measurements available, and in addition to measuring hard boards, the thermal conductivity of smart flat panels can also be measured with various fixtures from the company, which can measure various special materials. For example: granular materials, loose materials, soil, soft materials, etc.

12. Measure thickness and pressure online. After the specimen is placed in the furnace, the values of thickness and pressure are directly displayed on the digital display table.

13. Control system: The control core adopts an integrated design of imported Omron PLC and temperature expansion module, which can effectively reduce interference and improve equipment stability. The output end adopts Schneider's new solid-state contactless switching device, which has high reliability, long lifespan, low noise, fast switching speed, strong anti-interference ability, and improves the service life and safety of the equipment.

During the automatic control process of the experiment, it can be executed step by step according to the detailed product manual. The entire experimental operation is simple and easy to learn.

15. The data interface adopts RS-232 standard serial communication to synchronously collect test data. Stable data, high reliability, and convenient use. The data has strong anti-interference performance during transmission.

16. The computer interface is user-friendly and easy to operate. The software control system includes two methods: automatic control and manual control. The software can automatically control equipment operation, automatic detection, automatic collection, automatic display of test curves, automatic completion of tests, as well as generate test results, automatic generation of test reports, automatic storage of data, automatic display of data, and querying of historical data. It can export and print data, save test curves and images, and so on.

17. In terms of software: The software adopts Visual Basic 6.0 to write the interface, with a completely Chinese cultural environment that makes it easier for users to operate, and powerful Internet application development functions. Within the application, documents and applications from other computers can be accessed through the Internet or the Internet; Support applications that use dynamic HTML technology (DHTML); Capable of publishing web applications, etc. Part of the API calls were used, and the program itself is a standard Windows application with all the standard features of Windows applications. The program is compatible with WinXP/win2000 and is hardware independent. As long as a computer with a standard interface is connected, it can run normally.

18. Lenovo computer system configuration is as follows: CPU (I CDC E3500 2.7), CPU fan, 500G hard drive, 2GB memory, DVD drive, USB2.0 interface, Windows Chinese operating system, a set of intelligent tablet thermal conductivity tester operating system software, and other necessary accessories.

Technical parameters:

1. Standard dimensions of the specimen: 600mm x 600mm x H (5-100) mm;

2. Test piece flatness: 0.1mm;

3. Measurement range of thermal conductivity: (0.002-1.00) W/(m • K);

4. Measurement accuracy of thermal conductivity: ± 3%;

5. Repeatability of thermal conductivity measurement: ± 1%;

6. Temperature measurement range of thermal conductivity tester: -5 ℃ -100 ℃

7. Temperature resolution: 0.01 ℃;

8. Laboratory temperature: (23 ± 2) ℃;

9. Laboratory humidity: (40-60)% RH;

10. Power supply voltage: 380V, 2.5KW;

11. Thickness of test piece: Range (5-100) mm;

12. Clamping force: not greater than 2.5kPa;

13. Number of specimens: 1 piece;