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How to Use the Pilling Circle Track Method Tester

Author: Released in:2022-12-05 Click:41

Product Description:

Circular Pilling Path Tester uses a linear guide rail as a sliding gauge to test the pilling condition of wool fabrics, pure cotton, synthetic cotton, blended, knitted and woven fabrics. To identify product quality and process effect.

Main parameters:

1. The contact space between the grinding head and grinding table: ≤ 0.2 mm;

2. Parallelism between grinding head and grinding table: ≤0.3 mm;

3. Grinding head and grinding table The relative movement track of the grinding table: 40 ± 1 mm;

4. The surface of the nylon brush is flat and the height difference is less than 0.5mm;

5. Grinding table reciprocating speed speed: 60±1 times/min;

6. Grinding head weight: 490cN±1%;

7. Big hammer weight: 290cN±1%;

8. Small heavy hammer weight: 100cN±1%;

9. Time selection: 1--9999.

A Instrument Features:

1. Adopt slider imported from Japan THK, stable operation, the mute effect is super good, suitable for long-term continuous use

2. Using a standard nylon brush, the Stiffness of the nylon thread must be uniform and stable to control the fluffiness of the nylon brush.

3. The popular streamlined design, the surface is formed by unique injection molding, smooth and beautiful;

4. Imported special sandblasted and oxidized aluminum panel design, red lettering, durable all-metal key switch.

Setting up the instrument:

1. Place it on a sturdy workbench and put it down Put it down Put a layer of rubber mat on the work surface to preventer the instrument from slipping during work.

2.Adjust the foot nuts so that they are horizontal.

3. Check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements of 220V ± 10%, and connect the ground wire and the wire to the socket.

Lint Test:

1. Take out the sample and squeeze it tightly in the chuck. Set the back friction times according to GB/T4802.1-97.

2. Choose the sampling pressure according to the regulations. If you need to increase the weight, you can clamp the required weight on the feed shaft.

3. Place the specimen holder so that the specimen is in contact with the plane of the brush.

4. Press the RUN button, the instrument can run according to the set number, and the instrument will stop automatically when the set number is reached.

Pilling Test:

1. Set meter hours according to GB4802.1-97.

2. Take the sample and fix it correctly and firmly in the sample holder.

3. Place the specimen holder so that the specimen touches the grinding plane.

4. Press the RUN button to make the instrument run without pilling.

5. After the machine stops automatically, raise the sample holder and remove the sample after grinding for evaluation.