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How to use the cone penetration tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:112

A, prepare for testing

1. Read the instruction manual carefully before using the instrument. Check the instrument housing to ensure that the instrument is securely positioned.

2. Carefully read the Standard GB/T269 of the People's Republic of China "Measurement Method for Cone Penetration of Lubricating Grease and Petroleum Grease" or GB1790-2003 "Pharmaceutical Vaseline" understands and is familiar with the test methods, test procedures and test requirements described in the standards.

3. The power cord must have a good ground connection to ensure electrical safety.

B, toolinstall

1. After the host is placed and fixed, check the host table. Adjust the screw at the bottom of the console so that the level bubble is always in the middle horizontal position.

2 . After installing the cone, place the test container with the sample in the center of the round platform of the instrument and adjust the machine with the coarse adjustment knob Head so that the standard needle tip is about 10 mm away from the surface of the sample. usethen press the fine adjustment knob to slowly move the standard needle down and release it when the needle tip just touches the surface of the sample (you can observe the contact between the standard needle and the surface of the sample with the lighting on the workbench). Turn on the main switch.

3. Turn on the cone penetration screen (press the "ON/O" key to turn on the screen), and check that the display unit should be "㎜—mm" (press the "㎜/in" key to enter the display unit unit as "㎜"—mm and display it on the display). Gently press the moving rod of the penetration indicator to make the lower end contact the top surface of the needle connecting rod, then press the reset button (ON/O key) of the penetration indicator to make the display show zero.

4. Press and release the "Start" button, the drop rod and cone lock after 5 or 60 seconds, press Release the top ruler, the value on the top screen ×10 is the cone penetration value.

5. Test procedures must be performed in accordance with GB/T269, ISO 2137, GB1790 standards.

6 、 After the test, press "OFF" to turn off the screen, turn off the power switch and unplug the power.