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Pump Syringe Piston Thrust Tester Yuanzi Direct Delivery

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:15

TL0573-D Pump Syringe Piston Thrust Tester

Product Features:

Using 7 inch K600+ core/dot matrix 65-color 800*480 resolution LCD touch screen, PLC control, Chinese and English menu display. Nominal size, pipe wall, number of tests, pressure control, uplink, downlink, time, calibration. The menu on the LCD screen is controlled by the keyboard and the test data is printed on board. The pressure data is displayed in real time and the test results are printed by the built-in printer.

Executive Standard: YY/T0573-2018 Appendix C Test Requirements

Test Item: Pump Syringe Piston Thrust Test

Nominal Specification: 0.5ml~60ml (Customized according to requirements)

Test range: 0~100N, error not greater than: ±0.5%;

Resolution: 0.01N

Test speed: 0.01mm/min~ 2mm/min; adjustable error is not more than ±0.5%;

Print method: 8, 13 or 20 test data and deviation values ​​can be changed eachare printed.

Power-off storage: yes

Shipping list: 1 host, 1 certificate, support fixture, 1 user manual, 1 roll of printing paper, carrying weights.

Power supply: AC90V-240V/50Hz

Data storage: Airborne dot matrix printer/U disk can be imported into computer storage

Net weight: 20 kg Appearance size: 400 × 290 × 240 (mm)

Service: Non-standard instruments can be customized

Lifetime upgrade service and lifetime maintenance of instruments in accordance with national standards