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How to clean the screw vacuum pump

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:114

Proper cleaning of the screw vacuum pump equipment is the key to ensure its normal operation;

So, how to clean the screw vacuum pump properly? Now let me briefly talk about the five steps to clean the screw vacuum pump:

1. When washing for the first time, in order to save money, you can first use \'recycled gasoline, then use gasoline detergent, then use aviation gasoline Clean. Then carefully check for damage and scratches.

2. Use a cotton or silk cloth dampened with a small amount of acetone or carbon tetrachloride to wipe the surface of the parts one by one. Do not use cotton thread to prevent fine hairs of cotton thread from being introduced into the body of the screw vacuum pump.

3. If rusted or burred parts are found, use an oil stone or metallographic sandpaper to clean them.gently sand to remove rust spots and burrs, and pay attention to the smoothness and smoothness of the parts.

4. Clean the through-hole, oil tank and gas channel of the visp vacuum pump, and clean all the particles, impurities, dust, dirt and residues of oil. oil that has accumulated there. The place where the shell was removed should be gently removed.

Blow through and then dry the oil circuit using compressed air, so as not to accumulate gasoline and cleaning solvents in the slots of the oil channels.

5. Remember to dry the cleaned parts (blow or wipe with a silk cloth and then dry them) and cover them well to prevent dust from falling.

If there are parts on the screw vacuum pump waiting to be repaired or treated, other parts can be properly coated with Pnock vacuum pump oil clean to avoid rust.

Purge function of the screw vacuum pump

1. Cleaning and purging the screw vacuum pump

 Cleaning and purging is intended for It is particularly important to extract corrosive, toxic or viscous substances, such as resinous fluids.

Cleaning and purging usually closes the vacuum pump air inlet valve before ore by stopping the pump, and let it run 20-30 minutes after the inlet is filled of air with nitrogen or steam to clean the screw in the cavity. Purge to clean residual process gas in the cavity or viscous substances stuck to the surface.

2. Screw Vacuum Pump Cooling Purge

Cooling Purge is used to cool the screw rotor and internal cavity of the vacuum pump.

When the vacuum pump operates, the process gas inhaled through the inlet port is compressed with the rotation of the screw rotor and sent to the exhaust port. The gas temperature rises during the compression process, which requires a Sweep cooling fan to prevent the vacuum pump from getting stuck due to overheating.

Usually, air is used as the cooling purge fluid, but in special cases nitrogen or cooled process gas is used as the purge fluid. A filter is installed near the exhaust port to draw in air for the cooling purge.

3. Screw in vacuum pump seal purge

Seal purge is the use of nitrogen gas to pressurize the front cover so that process gas or liquid cannot enter the device. toothedOil reservoir for wheels and bearings. There are 2 nitrogen inlets, located on the top of the front cover. The nitrogen purge pressure is ≤0.5bar.