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Steam generator application

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:43

The application range of the steam generator is relatively wide, and the steam generator is often used in the food industry.

Choosing to use a steam generator to cook daylily can achieve uniform color and good product quality.

So, what is the principle of choosing a drying steam generator to dry the daylily?

To quickly dry the daylily, How to keep freshness and avoid mildew?

It is easier to dry the daylily with a steam generator to speed up dehydration and drying. Daylily can be made into a variety of dishes and is delicious. It is a well-known vegetarian delicacy;

It is also a traditional dried vegetable in our country. The daylily is rarely eaten fresh, and it is eaten after drying. If you want to eat fresh day lilys, you need to boil water to boil the colchicine in it.

Drying with a drying steam generator is therefore a good choice. Not only can it be stored for a long time, but the taste of pulses is also very good.

Traditional daylily dehydration and drying involves setting up a rack in an open area, then placing the cooled daylily on a bamboo curtain, sheet of carpet, or a drying plate and spread it evenly, and it will be dried by sunlight. exposure.

In order to make the upper and lower colors uniform, you can use the empty curtain to turn it over, try not to turn it over by hand to ensure the quality of the drying product.

Pay attention to rain protection, mold easily occurs on cloudy days and should be removed at night.

The daylily canbe dried in 2 to 3 sunny days. This method is inconvenient. In order to speed up dehydration and drying, a drying steam generator is now used for drying.

The drying steam generator has a fast shoveling speed and can generate high temperature steam in 3-5 minutes, which has a good effect on the drying of the daylily;

The dried p\'tit jour is not brittle when held firmly by hand, and it can disperse naturally after being released, so it is best to do not stick to each other.