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Installation of a two-dimensional image measuring instrument

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:151

Magnification of the secondary image measuring instrument includes two aspects of magnification: optical magnification and digital magnification. The magnification based on the principle of geometric imaging is called optical magnification, and the magnification of the display after processing the electronic circuit is called digital magnification.

Four steps for installing the image measuring instrument:

1. When you remove the outer packaging and the inner packing of the image measuring instrument, you need to take out the instruction manual and read and check it carefully.

2. Move the image measuring instrument to a flat, positionable table, install the foot screws and level it with a leveling instrument. Once this step is completed, the basic framework is built.

3. Remove the X, Y axis fixing plate, grout block fixing screwZ axis support (on the sliding block inside the camera cover), and the X, Y, Z axis can be driven.

4. The power supply for this machine can be from AC110V-220V, 50-60HZ, connect the monitor, connect the instrument power supply, and the installation is complete. Turn on the two-dimensional image measuring instrument;

Like the steps, it is a very simple step, but if it cannot be completed, the measuring instrument will image can not start working , then all previous work Everything is useless.

Picture Secondary Element Measuring Instrument Working Process:

1. Measured parts should be cleaned and deburred before being placed on the workbench for testing, to prevent the remaining coolant and processing residue on the surface of the workpiece after processing from affecting the measurement accuracy of the measuring machine and the life of lifeof the measuring tip;

2. The measured value the workpiece should be kept indoors before measurement Constant temperature, if the temperature difference is too large, it will affect the measurement accuracy ;

3. When placing large and heavy workpieces on the workbench, they should be handled carefully to avoid violent collisions, resulting in damage to the table or workpieces. If necessary, a piece of thick rubber can be placed on the workbench to prevent collision;

4. After placing small and light workpieces on the workbench, they should be clamped before measurement, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy;

5. During the working process, when the measuring head rotates (especially with an extension rod), it should be kept away from parts to avoid collisions;

6. If abnormal noise or sudden emergency occurs during work, do notdo not disassemble or repair yourself.