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Hammer type wire hooking tester

Author: Released in:2024-05-08 Click:19

Hammer type wire hooking tester

Hammer type wire hooking tester

The scope of application of the hammer type wire hooking tester is:

Suitable for testing the snagging performance of knitted and woven fabrics for outerwear, as well as other fabrics that are prone to snagging, especially for chemical filament and its deformed yarn fabrics. It can quickly detect the difficulty level of the phenomenon of yarn hooking from the fabric under normal wearing conditions.


Product details of nail hammer hook wire tester:

This instrument is equipped with an observation box and comparison pattern cards for different fabric structures. Equipped with 4 testing rollers (covered with the fabric to be tested), the hammer ball is made of tungsten carbide head and controlled by a predetermined electronic counter.


The working principle of the hammer type wire hooking tester is:

The cylindrical specimen is placed on a rotating cylinder and a hammer suspended by a chain is placed on the surface of the specimen. When the rotary cylinder rotates at a constant speed, the hammer randomly flips and jumps on the surface of the specimen, and hooks onto the specimen, causing snagging on the surface of the specimen. After the specified number of rotations, evaluate the degree of wire hooking of the sample by comparing it with the standard sample.


Technical parameters of hammer type wire hooking tester:

1. Test piece size: 220mm x 330mm;

2. Rotary drum diameter: 82mm;

3. Rotary drum length: 210mm;

4. Hammer ball: tungsten carbide head;

5. Hammer diameter: 31.8 mm;

6. Hammer weight: 135g;

7. Hammer protrusion length: 9.5 mm;

8. Number of nail hammer planting needles: 11 tungsten needles;

9. Exposed nail needles: 10mm;

10. Tip radius: R0.13mm;

11. Working width of guide rod: 125mm;

12. Distance between hammer and guide rod: 45mm;

13. Testing station: 4 stations;

14. Test speed: 60rpm;

15. External dimensions: 1007 x 508 x 405mm (40 x 20 x 16 inches) (L x W x H);

16. Weight: approximately 90kg;

17. Power supply: 1 Å, AC220V, 50Hz, 3A.


Precautions for the hammer type wire hooking tester:

1. Stable voltage should be maintained during use to avoid burning out the power supply.

2. Regularly clean cork liners with suitable cleaning solvents, such as industrial methylated spirits or trichloroethane.

3. When replacing the experimental tube, the new one needs to be checked before use.

4. Regularly check whether the control panel buttons and screws in various parts are normal.

5. Before and after each experiment, clean the instruments to ensure that all fluff and debris are removed from the box.

6. Every six months, the reference fabric should be retested and compared to the initial test specimens.