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Gas Water Micro Tester Measurement Method:

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:128

The micro-water gas tester is a high-level intelligent measuring instrument.

The instrument has advanced features unmatched by similar instruments in terms of measuring principle, degree of automation and convenience of use. In particular, it adopts European standard technology to ensure accurate and reliable data.

The instrument has a wide measuring range, fast response time, short measuring cycle, intuitive display and easy operation.


1. Portable design: The instrument is lighter, easy to carry and use

2. Fast and gas-saving: no preheating is required after start-up, and the dew point saturation state can be reached quickly, and the gas consumption is not is only about 2L (101.2kPa) during measurement

3. Safe and Reliable: Adopt self-locking jointsts imported from Germany, safe and reliable, no air leakage

4. Mass storage: adopt large capacity design, can store up to 50 sets of test data

5. Intuitive Display: LCD screen directly displays dew point, micro water, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, time and date, power of battery, etc.

6. Mobile measurement: built-in large-capacity lithium Battery can work continuously for 10 hours at a time

7. Accurate Measurement: Temperature compensation function is added to ensure the accuracy of measurement results under various temperature conditions

Gas Micro Water Tester Measurement Method:

1. Connect SF6 equipment

Measure the upper threaded end of the pipe with a micro SF6 water tester Connect to the joint of the switch, tighten it with a wrench and close the needle valve at thetre end of the measuring hose;

Insert the quick connector end of the test hose into the sample port of the dew point meter; The exhaust pipe is connected to the air outlet.

Connect the connector of the switch with the SF6 electrical measuring interface of the equipment and tighten it with a spanner.

2. Check the power supply

This SF6 gas micro water tester instrument is recommended to use AC power first.

When using DC power, please check the battery power displayed in the upper right corner, if the power is less than about 20%, please turn off the power. power to charge and continue to use.

3. Start measuring

Start by opening all the flow valves on the panel, then use a meter to measure the needle valve on the pipeline to adjust the flow. Adjust as desiredron 0.6 L/M and start measuring the SF6 dew point.

The measurement takes about 5-10 minutes for the device, then 3-5 minutes for each device.

4. Store the data

After the SF6 gas micro water tester equipment measurement is completed, the data can be stored in the instrument and press the “OK” button Call up the operation menu, see the next section for specific operation methods.

5. Measure other equipment

After measuring an equipment, close the needle valve on the measuring line and the control valve on the dew point meter. Remove the adapter from the SF6 electrical equipment.

If you need to continue measuring other devices, please do not turn off the power of the instrument and continue measuring the next device by following the steps above.

6. When the measurement is finished

When themeasurement of all equipment completed, turn off the dew point meter.

The instrument is applicable to a wide range of fields, such as the measurement of air humidity, nitrogen, inert gas and any gas without medium corrosive, especially suitable for SF6 gas moisture measurement, electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, scientific research institutes and other departments can be used, with performance very high cost.