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Low-temperature and constant-temperature stirring reaction bath performance

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:46

The low-temperature constant-temperature stirred reaction bath is a low-temperature liquid circulation equipment that adopts mechanical refrigeration. It has the function of providing low temperature liquid and low temperature water bath.

Combined with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze-drying oven, water circulating vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer and other instruments, achieve multi-functional chemical reaction operation low temperature and drug storage.

The main performance of low temperature constant temperature stirring reaction bath

1. Stirring method:
Built-in two large high-power magnetic stirring devices, the magnetic steel adopts the strong \"neodymium iron jump\" magnetic water magnet as the rotor;

Ensure a sufficient stirring torque, the magnetic steel does not perd its high temperature magnetism, and there is also a stir bar in the reaction vessel for stirring, so that the solvent temperature is uniform.

2. The tank liner, top plate, electric heater and evaporator and other parts that may come into contact with the working fluid are made of stainless steel.

3. The dual-window LED display controller can simultaneously display the temperature set value and the actual value, as well as the overheat alarm value;

4, Two-stage closed stirring internal circulation:

Internal circulation management is fully closed, free from oil mist and dust. water absorption, ensuring the safety of the experiment and the service life of the heat transfer fluid.

5. Protection device:

With self-diagnosis function; overload protectiones of the refrigerator; high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, etc. Security devices.

The refrigeration system has several protection devices against timeout, overheating and overcurrent. All are imported high quality original components to ensure reliability and service-life.

6. Space saving: compact design, desktop type and vertical type limited by the height of the test bench.

7. High-density corrosion-resistant materials: the main interfaces of circulation pumps, cooling coils, outlets and return ports that can circulate water pure are all made of stainless steel (SUS304).

8. Type of circulating medium: silicone oil, water, salt water, pure alcohol and other circulating medium commonly used in the laboratory.

9. Microcomputer control: Equippedwith a microcomputer, it can perform high-precision control and has various security functions; all operations are completed by pressing the touch keys of the microcomputer intelligent controller, and the operation is simple, intuitive.

10. P.I.D. control: try to eliminate the external factors that affect the accuracy of temperature setting and reduce the error.

11. Energy saving: Equipped with imported frequency conversion compressor, the frequency conversion adjustment is made according to the cycle load and the power of the refrigerator motor.

Product Features

The temperature setting and display adopt digital mode, which is easy to operate and easy to monitor.

FullClosed magnetic stirrer ensures the stability of stirring.

It can be equipped with an integrated secondary agitator for mayMaintain sample temperature uniformity.

The diameter of the tank cover can be adjusted to reduce the loss of refrigerant during operation.

Fitted with a fixed pole. It is convenient to install burette, sensor and other supporting devices.

Using international brand compressor, high reliability and high efficiency.

Equipped with a drain hole for easy bath fluid replacement.